Trees of life

Tree design 1Tree oh tree, how do you form?

You spread your roots to withstand the storm.

Tree design 4You press upward toward the sky,

And you continue to grow, until the time to die.

You have a time to live, given by the Creator,

No matter your design, you will not waiver.

We watch as you extend, spreading your limbs,

Tree design 2Awaiting the children, to climb on a whim.

You feel the breeze, the sun and the rain,

You stand there still, quiet and yet without disdain.

Times come when the storms become too great,

Causing your roots to strain and the limbs to break.

Tree design 3Such as the storm Florence we know,

Causing you to yield to water, and winds that blow.

Life in the sway with those whom you received their trust,

They counted on you to hold firm, even when all comes at you with a thrust.

Tree design 5As the threat overbears, you fall and become a threat,

To those loving your beauty and climbed where you’re at.

But those of you that withstand, and endure the pain,

You’ll become stronger, knowing you withstood the strain.

Tree design 6We’ll continue enjoying your beauty, as we should,

We know you’ll continue to grow, if only you could.