Different drum beat

Metal drum ends provide wall art at Hampton Inn, Mulvane, Kansas.

When I saw these metal drum ends with rust mixed with color in Kansas I thought of our Native Americans in North America.

Not knowing much about Indian culture, I have become more interested during travels across the United States. It is amazing how many various tribes were populated across this vast land. I suppose many of the generations are scattered now and it’s more difficult to determine pure tribes aside from reservations.

As I pondered these pieces of art I wondered if they were made and painted by Native Americans, or even if this artwork is indeed similar to the Indian culture in this area of Kansas. From my own simple analogy, this area is where the Kiowa Tribe was predominant, and a remnant still remain.

So, does the different type of “drum” that is painted trigger any particular thoughts with you?

Blessings along the Way!


Route 66 has beauty, history and fun

IMG_1102As we journeyed Route 66 from Oklahoma into Texas and New Mexico, we didn’t get a chance to stop at many of the historic and picturesque locations.  Actually, for me, it was sometimes difficult to determine when Route 66 diverted from Interstate 40.  It seems in Texas there were only a couple of places.

IMG_1085I would have enjoyed easing through the less-beaten paths in some of the towns but time didn’t permit these extra travels.  However, after thinking back, I wonder how Route 66 was created.

IMG_1086I began researching how Route 66 began but due to time constraints I decided to hold off for another post. So I just posted some of the sights along the way.

IMG_112319624641398_8792293c7c_oIMG_1088IMG_1125Route 66 Philips 66 sign 150628