How about a little Rhine?

How about a little Rhine?

Once upon a time, not very long ago, we continued to enjoy the beauty of Germany, upon the Rhine.

IMG_5277We visited shops and explored some of the area while waiting for the boat cruise.  Once underway, it was a pleasant experience with the boat’s captain and his excellent piloting on the Rheingau.  We cruised at a nice, comfortable speed.  This helped us relax more while taking photos and observing all that our eyes could behold.

IMG_5279                                                          Of course the river patrol helped reinforce the rules of the Rhine. That’s okay though, at least we felt safe.IMG_5259

What an enjoyable ride along the Rhine River, taking in the gentle breeze and gazing upon the accompanying hillsides adorned with castles, relics and modern day activity.  Just look at this photo!  Doesn’t it take you back in time?


It was also exciting just watching the elongated barges being pushed by tugboats heading to the open waters. Note that the boat crews transport their vehicles with them.




Equally impressive was the number of trains rolling between the Rhine and the neatly manicured, sloping vineyards.  Rüdesheim lies in the north-west corner of the German wine producing region Rheingau. Riesling grapes are the main type grown in this area, producing mainly high-quality white wines. Wikipedia – Rüdesheim am Rhein

Overlooking the Rhine at Rüdesheim is the Niederwalddenkmal monument.  It was constructed to commemorate the foundation of the German Empire after the end of the Franco-Prussian War. The first stone was laid on September 16, 1871, by Wilhelm I. The sculptor was Johannes Schilling, and the architect was Karl Weisbach. The total cost of the work is estimated at one million gold marks. It was inaugurated on September 28, 1883. The 38 metres tall monument represents the union of all Germans.  (


The central figure is the 10.5 metres tall Germania figure. In the sculptured impression, IMG_5326Germania holds the recovered crown of the emperor in the right hand and in the left the Imperial Sword. Beneath Germania is a large relief that shows emperor Wilhelm I riding a horse with nobility, the army commanders and soldiers. The relief has the Wacht am Rhein (Watch on the Rhine) lyrics engraved. On the left side of the monument is located the peace statue. The war statue is located on the right.  Niederwalddenkmal Monument at Rüdesheim am Rhein

IMG_5321As you stand in front of the   monument and look out over the Rhine, it is an amazing view.

Although we didn’t cruise the entire Rhine River it was very rewarding to travel more than 10 miles of it. There is plenty to see and relish.

When you travel around the south west part of Germany,  I’m certain you’ll enjoy all the area has to offer.  We could absolutely spend more time there.IMG_5281