Route 66 in OK

Route 66 in Weatherford, OK - Grocery Store - 150628America’s highway, Route 66, warrants getting off the Interstate system and taking the back roads, which, in the case of Route 66, was previously the main highway.

This post highlights some of the route through Oklahoma as we traveled westward.  We need to schedule another trip to highlight travels from Chicago to Oklahoma and from Arizona to California.

Route 66 Porter House model restaurant-150628-2
Roadside restaurant that is actually a little museum.  I tried to open the door but realized the restaurant wasn’t operational.  🙂 It sort of takes you back in time a little though.
Route 66 Porter House model restaurant-150628-3
Photo through the window of what it was like along the route.  Take a look at some of the prices.  You won’t find this kind of deal today.
Route 66 Porter House model restaurant-150628-4
Photo was a little difficult as I had a lot of reflection in the glass.  Anyway, you get the idea of how the roadside diner operated.

There are many websites that discuss some of the history of Route 66 and its significance to modern road travels beginning in the U.S. provides good insight and respective photos along and near the route.

The Historic 66 website has a detailed list of activities throughout the year associated with Route 66.  There are various car shows that certainly interests the car and retro enthusiasts.

Road Trip USA has excellent information as well.  Here is a map of the route through Oklahoma.

You’ll notice Route 66 in Oklahoma is also Interstate 44 from Kansas to Oklahoma City, where it then becomes Interstate 40.  Our travel took us from Arkansas on Interstate 40 into Oklahoma City.

I’ll post more images later to showcase a few towns along Route 66.