Holiday Travels – be careful out there

It’s crazy on the roadways and people scurry around to and fro, commuting and visiting, especially this time of year.

Do you know of the roadway changes and traveling rules in respective states while traveling?

Maybe we all should take a few minutes and acquaint ourselves before heading out.

Even while living in Florida I realize quite frequently how roads change and how laws apply – and I’ve lived here for most of my life.

Since age is creeping up on me, although I’m still young at heart and still healthy, I’m thinking about taking the AARP course I just came across:  I also try to read various rules of the road when I can.

What about you?  How do you stay abreast of changes while traveling?

Also, don’t rely completely on the GPS.  I see daily changes in traffic patterns on roadways and the GPS can’t always keep up with them.

Know before you go and use good situation awareness.  Be aware of distracted and aggressive drivers and don’t fall prey to them.  Let’s watch our own bad habits while we’re at it.

Have you used the 511 app?

It has good traffic information.  While in Florida I use the FL511 app.  I find it useful and current.  You can find more information at

Be safe traveling.  I trust you experience great blessings and safe travels during this time of year.

Enjoy Life and Live!



Florida in the forefront for automated vehicles

Florida in the forefront for automated vehicles

I’ve wondered for years why technology for automated vehicles isn’t picking up steam. Have you?

I realize most of our populace still prefer driving and are not ready to give up the thrill, or whatever you want to call it – maybe just freedom.

However, what will help save lives in our fast and sometimes careless driving society? While plenty of us drive responsibly and desire to obey the rules of the road, I believe the pace of those driving irresponsibly is increasing, almost exponentially.

Combine the lack of responsibility with more efficient, fast vehicles that help mask speeds, or give the feeling that the vehicle will compensate for our human errors, and we have a disaster in the making.

What will make up the difference?

Autonomous vehicles are coming and they will be here whether we embrace the new technology or not.

Think of the lives that will be saved if the technology compensates for us – even the safe drivers who may have a moment of carelessness.  After all, none of us is perfect or 100 percent.

Florida is on the fast tract to make autonomous vehicles a reality sooner than what we think; and I’m glad.

Will you embrace the new capability or will you reject it? It is inevitable though.

Check out this blog post from FDOT about an autonomous summit coming to Jacksonville, Fla., Dec. 1-2, 2015.

According to the website, the third annual Florida Automated Vehicles Summit is a part of the proactive planning with various state agencies, local governments, MPOs, and the private sector.  The efforts enhance automation and will continue the energy around Florida as a national leader in applying automated transportation to help improve the quality of life for all residents and visitors.

Check out to learn more.