Where is your beach?


Ahhhh!  Beach Life!  Sand, surf and sun.

North Florida beach in December


The beaches even in northeast Florida have been pleasant – especially for December and January when most places experience colder weather.

Florida has so many opportunities throughout the year, particularly around the water.  Did you know that Florida has 4,308 square miles of water, 1,197 statue miles of coastline and 663 miles of beaches?  Wow, you can play in water to your heart’s content.

The website visitflorida.com has excellent information for your visit to Florida.  By the way, Florida expects to have another record year of more than 100 million visitors.

Florida beaches are good places to reflect on the past and look toward the new year.

Speaking of the new year, here we are!  2016.  How is your year going so far?

Do you have a carryover feeling from 2015 that you seem to be walking alone, that what you wanted to accomplish was not complete, or that you failed in some area?

Even when the surrounding environment is peaceful and calm, glimmering with rays of the sun, calm winds and smooth flow of the tide there may be internal turmoil within us, whether we are aware or not.

There may be times we feel alone; sometimes against the world  – and ourselves.


At times though we desire, and probably need, to be alone for reflection and understanding.  That’s okay.  Just don’t stay there.  We are a creation made for social interaction, the need to fellowship.

So as the waves crash over us and we feel all washed up, without any sense of hope or accomplishment, become renewed.

Mickler Beach 151229-4


Who is the one walking by your side?  Take hope in knowing someone loves you and cares for you.

You are really never alone.  There is a new day, a new beginning.  Look for that special one who cares.  Seek and you will find. DCIM100GOPROG0040042.

We may not have mansions on the beach but simply have a small abode, that’s okay.  And when the outer shell of our soul and inner being become frail, we can still have a renewed being that is not built by human hands. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Have you knocked?

Mickler Beach 151229-2




Taste of Florida Christmas

Merry Christmas from north Florida.

As you travel around north Florida during the Christmas celebration you’ll experience warm weather.  That’s great for those traveling from afar, and of course locals enjoy it too.

This week was filled with joy, excitement, hustle and bustle, as well as travel congestion – but still the sense of being alive and well, and being blessed in Florida.

Beach goers just north of St. Augustine experienced the joy of the season 23324013753_d57603bfa9_kin more ways than one.   A few splashed around in the rolling waves as surfers looked for their perfect set.  We came upon a interested snowman too.  Instead of a snowman how about a sandman?  Or, Sandperson.

In St. Augustine, the sights and sounds were elevated as trolleys and trains moved people along the routes as they sang their favorite seasonal songs.  The lights and atmosphere was – and is festive.

While it’s a wonderful time of year to experience life, adventure, sights and sounds, what lasting memories will you have?  Do we really believe this is a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or whatever emphasis we want to place on it?

We do know that the sounds of laughter, excitement and joy, along with peace do not necessarily last forever here on Earth – although one came to provide Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men (and Women too).

Yes, let’s enjoy the seasons.  Let’s enjoy Peace on Earth as we strive toward it.  Let’s also think of eternal joy and peace as well.  I leave with you some excellent words of wisdom this Christmas season from Charles Swindoll’s Insight for Living devotion for December 25 – “A Christmas Masterpiece.”

“Before time began, God had in His mind’s eye a masterpiece – a beautiful picture of grace that His beloved Son, the second person of the Trinity, would illustrate with His life.

“Even before the breathtaking splendor of creation, God sketched out His plan for His perfect fellowship with humanity.  But not long after He had splashed color on the landscape, the deep, dark shadows of man’s rebellious choice to live independently of His grace obscured the beauty of God’s work.  Coal black, pitch darkness enveloped the scene, and all creation hung in suspense of what God would do.”

Do you know what God did?  You can read the rest of the message at http://www.insight.org.  You can also read from the scriptures in John 3:16.

I believe this don’t you?

This the the message of hope that we all seek.  The Savior slipped into our world to fulfill God’s plan.  We can celebrate Christmas throughout the year – enjoying God’s greatest present with Love.  Live life fully each day with joy, happiness, peace and knowing where we are going.  God made a way for us.