Which direction are you going?

Which direction are you going?

When we speed through life we no doubt encounter many obstacles.  Aside from the obstacles come the signs that tell us to go this direction or that direction, stop, go, left turn, right turn, detour ahead.

The pic of the signs highlights the many options along our roadways and it certainly grabs your attention when you see so many bunched together.

What do you do when you are faced with so many signs that you don’t know which direction to take in life?

8140109156_9afd293683_bI would like to hear if you took the road less traveled or whether you took another route, or even a detour.

I suppose you can relate these signs to every phase of our being such as physical, mental and spiritual.  We encounter detours in our jobs, relationships and in our medical conditions.  There are times we have to take another route than the one we’re traveling.

Some roads have tunnels and some are covered.  Some overlap and intermingle, intersect and even dead end.

8140072995_fce58db2ee_kWe think we have the right solution spiritually until something grabs our attention and the right sign shows the way.  Are you on the right road that lasts through this life and then into eternity?

Let’s not get detoured with the distractions of life and miss the most important aspect – of having true life here and hereafter.