Bertram Depot – Past or Present

Bertram Train Depot.jpgWhile I enjoy major attractions during travels, I particularly like locating something unique about each town through which I travel.  I would like to take the time to stay a couple of hours in each town but it would take practically forever to accomplish these highlights.  So, I try to “look” for something unique in each town.

Take for instance the town of Bertram, Texas, which is located northwest of Austin.  We decided to exit Interstate 10 while traveling east and detoured through the countryside.  As we rode through Bertram I first noticed they have an annual oatmeal festival.  That’s interesting.  I continued driving and readily noticed the train depot.

It was an attractive, small depot and I wondered if it was original – as it looked so new.  Here is the scoop.

When the Austin and Northwestern Railroad first laid rails through Bertram in 1882, the original Bertram depot was constructed on this site and served railroad passengers until the end of passenger service in 1937.

I can just imagine the passenger voices of the past remained constrained within the closed walls.

The depot was demolished in 1964, and the site remained vacant through the 1990s.

Voices of the past were locked away in the remnants of the wood.

The George Peters family of Sandia, Texas donated a vintage 1912 San Antionio & Aransas Pass depot from Orange Grove, Texas to the Austin Steam Train Association in 1997.   (

I’m glad we have renewal of the past – even the resemblance.  Now the thoughts of the past voices are imagined.

Wouldn’t it be nice to preserve the past instead of demolishing it?

However, I get it.  Things here on Earth don’t last forever; thus, we need to preserve the best we can and at least rebuild or place something to remind us of the past.

While we shouldn’t dwell on the past we should still appreciate it – while making improvements along the way.

May we always remember – and move forward!

Bertram is at the junction of Farm Roads 243 and 1174 and State Highway 29, ten miles east of Burnet in eastern Burnet County. The town was established in 1882, when the community of San Gabriel (near the San Gabriel River) in Burnet County was moved two miles northwest to the newly constructed Austin and Northwestern Railroad.,_Texas