Daytona Beach beckons

Daytona Beach Welcome Overhead Sign on A1A

What comes to mind when you hear Daytona Beach?  Is it racing, hotels or condos, or beaches?

Daytona Beach Oceanside Main EntranceIf you are a regular guest at Daytona Beach, Fla. then you probably come for a specific purpose.  I make trips there occasionally and it seems the main reason is the beach.  The beautiful white sandy beach is a natural attraction and you can still drive your vehicle on it – compared to many other beaches in Florida.

Daytona Beach Ocean View from Perry'sDaytona Beach is “one of the few places in the world where a family car can be driven on an ocean beach.” (Wikitravel)

And yes, there is racing too.  I’ll talk about racing in another blog later.

Daytona Beach Ocean Entrance TunnelDid you know?  Daytona was founded in 1870 by Matthias Day, from whom it takes its name. It was incorporated as a city in 1876. The separate towns of Daytona, Daytona Beach and Seabreeze merged to form Daytona Beach in 1926. In the 1920s, the city became known as The World’s Most Famous Beach.

Daytona Beach Lifeguard
Lifeguards are positioned along the beach to reinforce safety.
Daytona Beach Oceanside fishing
Ocean fishing is often noticed along the beach – intermingled with surfers and people enjoying the water, although those fishing attempt to avoid conflict when possible.





Daytona Beach Parking Garage Street Art
Street art on parking garages and other buildings adds color and description to the the area.
Daytona Beach A1A Overhead Sign
Overhead safety crosswalks combined with push-button signals at ground-level crosswalks enhance safety of pedestrians and bicyclists.

Breezeway on A1A

The amusement park, shops and restaurants are popular attractions.

Daytona Beach Amusement Park

Daytona Beach Amusement Park Beachside

A1A - Daytona Beach Hog Heaven building
Bar-B-Q is popular in the area and one doesn’t need to go far to visit the Hog Heaven restaurant across the street from the amusement park.



Daytona Beach Joe's Crab Shack
For those who love seafood there is Joe’s Crab Shack right on the beach with a fantastic view.
Daytona Beach Ice Cream Shop
Everyone has room for ice cream.

There are many vacation club rentals available along with hotels and resorts.  One of the cost-effective resorts is a little farther south in Daytona Beach Shores at Perry’s Resort.  They’ve been there for 75 years and are currently expanding and remodeling while providing excellent rates and service.




Daytona Beach Perry's Resort Donuts
One of the favorites at Perry’s is complimentary homemade donuts along with other breakfast items.
Daytona Beach Shores view from bridge
View of the south end of Daytona Beach Shores from the Intracoastal Waterway.

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Live a Victorious Life!


Ocean divide – sunset or rise

As we gaze across the sea at each other’s world, what do you see? Thousands of miles of natural barrier without the vessels to merge our physicality.

There are no barriers even across oceans so wide – that our thoughts can’t merge – for the benefit of humankind.

Way across the Atlantic from west to east I see, and yet wonder if you’re looking back at me.


From my very breezy abode at Florida’s Daytona Beach Shores, anticipation builds as the sun casts its glow; and yet I wonder what you see from abroad.

Although there are clouds that darken the sky, hiding the rays; I know the sun is there ready to break through another day.






I see the rays over the clouds and no darkness hides the light. Even in the darkest of night the sun still shines as bright.





While the wind howls and the sand blinds our eyes, the sun arises, not to my surprise.

And still I wonder what you see, across the barrier so far?

Is the glow diminishing and easing out of sight? While others see it rising – to stir surrounding life.

With anticipation we see the glow peek, and say hello to the morning break.

While you may be far, we are still here. Although the waves crash around – there is peace above, as –

The sun shines bright to light our day – and chases the dark so far away.

So remember each day there is sunset and rise. We can still see the world as one and choose to shine.

With Heavenly Love, Ron

Shelf life of a shell life – old versus new

Mickler Beach 151229-13

See these shells? Look at their diversity.  Why do you think God made them diverse?  Each has a specific purpose and provides a certain beauty.  Every shell is unique.  It’s kind of like our lives and how we are all unique with various flavors, colors, designs and yes – even purposes.

As in these shells, we are not “special” over another.  However, we are ALL special to God and our lives matter.  He loves each of us and sacrificed so much for us.

I suppose we can say these shells do have a shelf life.  At one time they housed a living creature and now lay around waiting for someone to behold their beauty and usefulness.

What about these shells?

They are alone without being associated with other shells.  They exhibit a rough life – battered, tossed around by the waves, aged, discarded, broken. The one on the right has the external appearance of being a complete half shell but looks can be deceiving.

Mickler Beach 151229-12

We just don’t know the entire story until we examine not just the outside but the inside.  The inner being may be dark and lonely, hollow and empty, discarded until the light reflects on the inside too.

We can relate to these shells in more ways than one but I want us to reflect on how important our lives are.  We may feel that our shelf life has come to an end or that we have been placed on a shelf without much to show for our past experiences.

Yes we do learn from our experiences but that isn’t the end.  As we move from 2015 into 2016 we have opportunities to get off the shelf and show our usefulness.  The world needs us.  We are individuals yet part of a society of diverse creation.

As in these shells, we can experience new life and a renewed purpose.  We have the choice.  What’s yours?

As the tide and waves of life in 2016 roll in, chasing everything in their paths, let’s stay aware of the dangers around us but realize we have a shelter.  God has provided a way.

Happy and Safe New Year with 2016 blessings too.  Memorial Park reflection globe downtown Jax - Linda's photo


Photos by Linda Tittle

Who lives a shell-tered life?

Mickler Beach 151229-14

While strolling along the beach today at Mickler’s Landing at Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, I looked upward and onward, hearing the roll and thunder of the three-to-four foot waves.  I glance down to see that which crunches under my feet, step after step.

I begin watching my steps and wonder how old these various size shells are and from where did they come to surrender to this part of the world.  I wonder.

Take a look.  What do you see?  Colors, sizes, shapes, forms, weathered, incomplete, complete, broken, unbroken, evidence of being tossed around by the waves.

I sort of feel sorry for these shells.  (Okay, I’m still sane believe it or not.) They are the remains of something that lived and now only the shell of a life exists.

When I step on them – what will become of them?  Will they become tiny fragments and no longer resemble the beauty they once portrayed?

How are our shell-tered lives?  I know many of us have lived sheltered lives when we were growing up and even into adulthood.  Have we ventured out?  Have we taken the risk?  Are we living or just existing?

Life in this current arena is too short for us not to enjoy every day of it while breaking from the shell and taking a little risk.  We have become un”shell”tered so to speak.   We are now responsible for our own decisions and success in life.

How about the shell we left behind?  At some point we must realize the shell has served its purpose and now exists for others to enjoy – yet we can apply the same mission to our own lives – to help others along the way and realize the greater meaning of our own lives.

I’ll share some more thoughts on this subject in the upcoming blogs.  I welcome your thoughts as well.


Taste of Florida Christmas

Merry Christmas from north Florida.

As you travel around north Florida during the Christmas celebration you’ll experience warm weather.  That’s great for those traveling from afar, and of course locals enjoy it too.

This week was filled with joy, excitement, hustle and bustle, as well as travel congestion – but still the sense of being alive and well, and being blessed in Florida.

Beach goers just north of St. Augustine experienced the joy of the season 23324013753_d57603bfa9_kin more ways than one.   A few splashed around in the rolling waves as surfers looked for their perfect set.  We came upon a interested snowman too.  Instead of a snowman how about a sandman?  Or, Sandperson.

In St. Augustine, the sights and sounds were elevated as trolleys and trains moved people along the routes as they sang their favorite seasonal songs.  The lights and atmosphere was – and is festive.

While it’s a wonderful time of year to experience life, adventure, sights and sounds, what lasting memories will you have?  Do we really believe this is a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or whatever emphasis we want to place on it?

We do know that the sounds of laughter, excitement and joy, along with peace do not necessarily last forever here on Earth – although one came to provide Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men (and Women too).

Yes, let’s enjoy the seasons.  Let’s enjoy Peace on Earth as we strive toward it.  Let’s also think of eternal joy and peace as well.  I leave with you some excellent words of wisdom this Christmas season from Charles Swindoll’s Insight for Living devotion for December 25 – “A Christmas Masterpiece.”

“Before time began, God had in His mind’s eye a masterpiece – a beautiful picture of grace that His beloved Son, the second person of the Trinity, would illustrate with His life.

“Even before the breathtaking splendor of creation, God sketched out His plan for His perfect fellowship with humanity.  But not long after He had splashed color on the landscape, the deep, dark shadows of man’s rebellious choice to live independently of His grace obscured the beauty of God’s work.  Coal black, pitch darkness enveloped the scene, and all creation hung in suspense of what God would do.”

Do you know what God did?  You can read the rest of the message at  You can also read from the scriptures in John 3:16.

I believe this don’t you?

This the the message of hope that we all seek.  The Savior slipped into our world to fulfill God’s plan.  We can celebrate Christmas throughout the year – enjoying God’s greatest present with Love.  Live life fully each day with joy, happiness, peace and knowing where we are going.  God made a way for us.