Bull elk rack, hardware and gas

Crested Butte Museum
The Plute Bull Elk display seems like it wants to speak to the museum’s guests.  

There is a small museum in Crested Butte’s downtown and you could easily drive past it.  While walking the sidewalk we just happened upon this neat little museum and were compelled to check it out. 

According to the wall plaques, this museum began as a hardware store and then a gas station.  John McCosker built the store in 1883.  It was also a blacksmith shop.  Until this day though the quaint little building is known as Tony’s Conoco. It provided needed support to the residents and those working the mines during this era.  You can enlarge this photo to read more of the history. 

Also interesting in the museum is the largest typical bull elk rack in the world, known as the Plute Bull or Dark Canyon Bull.  Have you seen anything larger?  Enlarge this image for more details. 

I enjoyed this little museum that takes one back in time a little. 

Blessings along the way!


Mount and valley

Mount Crested Butte is a separate location from Crested Butte, and has a higher elevation.  Snow has now begun to blanket the area since our visit in late September – which is good for skiers.  I can just imagine the white, glistening snow over the area during the winter.  

One of the many websites highlighting this area is https://www.mtcrestedbuttecolorado.us/, designation Mt. Crested Butte as home of world-class downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, hunting, golfing, as well as world-class art and music festivals. 

The resort town is home to just over 800 year-round residents and is located among the Elk Mountains.  The namesake mountain rises just above town to a height of 12,162 feet. “This unique setting affords some of the most breathtaking vistas in Colorado.”

Mount Crested Butte has some excellent lodging – whether hotels, condos or homes.  The area we liked was Wildhorse Trail, managed by Iron Horse Properties.  The view behind our vacation home was fantastic – like a postcard in each direction.  https://www.ironhorsecb.com/vacation-rentals-homes.asp?cat=4495

The valley below was picturesque as much as the mountains, nestled among the Elk, Snodgrass, White Rock and Teocalli Mountains.  From what I could tell the valleys include the Raggeds Wilderness and the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness.

Side view from front of vacation home

I’m glad you’re still coming along with us to enjoy the views. Below is a video clip of the drive through Mt. Crested Butte down toward Crested Butte.  

Dash cam view while traveling through the ski resort town of Mount Crested Butte down toward Crested Butte, Colorado during late September 2018.

Blessings along the way!


Cruising Crested Butte

Looking east along Elk Avenue toward Crested Butte Mountain.

Don’t you just love cruising the local streets of towns less traveled, enjoying the local flavor, culture, art and life itself? 

That’s the feeling when we traveled multiple times through downtown Crested Butte, Colorado recently, just before the snow season.  I thought I would capture a little of the quaintness of the shops and life during a normal weekday.  

I’m sure snow season presents a different scenario as cold weather “sportsters” converge on this beautiful little town, as well as Mount Crested Butte just above the town of Crested Butte.

With fly fishing being very popular in the area, the Dragonfly Anglers shop is unique for fishing supplies and apparel.  
The Artisan Rug Gallery is a stand-out building very noticeable while cruising along Elk Avenue.

Crested Butte Emporium and Old Trading Post

Real estate and dog grooming even goes together in nice, flavorful colors in Crested Butte.

One important factor we had to work through while staying in high altitude was oxygen.  I felt pretty good and didn’t have altitude sickness but at night I had to breathe deeper.  I also had a slight headache a couple of days and bought a can of oxygen.  I didn’t have noticeable change though.

Sea Level Spa and Oxygen Bar provides good service for adapting to the altitude.  Bicyclists and hikers are regular customers.  The shop also provides a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber for more in-depth treatment.

Some of us experimented with the oxygen bar.  It helped some but the next day we felt we needed another treatment.

If you travel from lower altitude and stay in some of the higher ones this is something that needs to be considered, and even adjusting the budget a little.  

As we cruised through the town there were local places that seemed to stand out.  The local art was noticeable as well as the bicycle shops and unique eating establishments.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is an attractive shop that would easily pull one inside. 
The Company Store is an interesting place that also incorporates the Secret Stash Pizzeria.  It seemed to be busy during their hours of business.  
Crested Butte Marshal’s Office and stone jail built in 1883

Let’s take a little ride along Elk Avenue, shall we?

All-in-all, Crested Butte is a great mountain town that I had envisioned it would be.  

Blessings along the way!


Paradise Cafe – Crested Butte

Fun, inviting sign at the cafe’s main,, busy intersection in Crested Butte, Colorado.

I always enjoy checking our some of the small, local restaurants to see the local “flavor.”  Paradise Cafe in Crested Butte is one of those special places.  

Restaurant front of Paradise Cafe in Crested Butte, Colorado

The atmosphere was inviting and the service was friendly. We stopped for breakfast and lunch.  The view is amazing also as one could look out the windows and see Mount Crested Butte in the background. 

Those not desiring a regular table may sit around the quaint, decorative bar area.

Outdoor seating is nestled among the tree canopy enabling one to take in the fresh air and observe the beauty.  
One of the surprises I found was the gluten-free pancakes.  Wow! I always look for gluten-free menu items and was amazed they carried the pancakes made with Pamela’s baking mix.  I use this mix when I make pancakes and other products at home.  This is the first time I’ve noticed a restaurant highlighting Pamela’s products.  (http://pamelasproducts.com)
Sign at back of restaurant.  

If you travel through Crested Butte and want a good breakfast, the Paradise Cafe will satisfy.  They have lunch as well.  

Blessings along the way!


Crested Butte, where are you?

K89B3491-Crested Butte Mountain.jpg

So – what is a “butte?”  According to dictionary.com a “butte” is an isolated hill or mountain rising abruptly above the surrounding land.

I’m glad you continue the journey with me into Crested Butte, Colorado as we briefly explored the area in late September 2018, just before the snow season began.

IMG_7547-Crested Butte town street with mountain behind.jpgThere are practically unlimited photos of Crested Butte.  One of the websites with a significant display of images is http://bit.ly/2qJs3aL.

K89B3761-Crested Butte Historic District Sign.jpg
Welcome sign along County Road 12 entering Crested Butte’s historic district.

History of Crested Butte. The Town of Crested Butte, fondly referred to as ‘The Gateway to the Elk Mountains’, sits at an elevation of 8,885 feet and is located 28 miles north of the City of Gunnison in the County of Gunnison. Crested Butte and the surrounding area was originally home to the Ute Indians. http://bit.ly/2RTySlt

In 1873, geologist Ferdinand V. Hayden was on an expedition surveying the Elk Mountains.  From the top of what is today known as Teocalli Mountain, Hayden referred to present day Crested Butte Mountain and Gothic Mountain as the “crested buttes”, which became the Town’s namesake.

With the days of coal mining long since passed, Crested Butte and the surrounding area is now a year-round vacation destination.  Known as “the wildflower capital of Colorado.”

Crested Butte is not only a heritage tourism site, but a playground for people of all ages and interests, with endless opportunities ranging from snow sports to wildflower viewing, river running to rock climbing, hiking to biking, and festivals and events.   (This information and more history is located at http://bit.ly/2RTySlt.


K89B3465-Crested Butte Mountain.jpg

Here is a little dash ride along the main route into Crested Butte, State Road 135.  https://youtu.be/Gby5jlsCxz4



Blessings along the way!




Journey to Crested Butte

2018-09-27-18-28-2 - Drive toward Crested Butte - dash camThe final leg of our destination in Colorado is now close.  We saw the Aspen trees in their yellow glory while at Pikes Peak and now we’re seeing more of their beauty traveling within an hour from Crested Butte.

2018-09-27-18-28-22_Moment - Drive toward Crested Butte - dash camMy next few posts will discover this beautiful, quaint town nestled among the gigantic Rocky Mountains.

NORMAL2018-0I thought I would give you a little windshield tour with my dash cam as we travel toward Crested Butte.  I’m glad you are coming along.


Blessings along the way!


Salida’s local flavor

Travel to Salida, COTraveling U.S. Highway 50 from Canon City to Gunnison presents a another picturesque opportunity.

Travel to Salida, CO with train and river

K89B3293 Rocks point to sky opening near going to Salida

K89B3270 Rock jet going to Salida

K89B3259 Road, river and rail
Road, river, rapids and rail create unique views along U.S. 50 highway traveling toward Salida, Colorado.  

We stopped along the way and enjoyed some of the peaceful flow of the Arkansas River near Salida, Colorado.

K89B3348 River before Salida
Arkansas River flows parallel to U.S. 50.

K89B3364 Yoga pose at river before SalidaFollowing our little respite from the travel we continued on and were surprised by a wonderful little town called Salida. K89B3412 Home of hi-altitude cattle sign at SalidaK89B3222 Salida entrance sign - creative districtWe decided to travel to the historic section and were greeted by some wildlife grazing around residences and businesses.

K89B3439 Salida hotel and mountainI enjoyed the quaintness of the town and the older structures.  I wanted to research Salida a little further and discovered the town has the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area – considered one of the United State’s most popular locations for whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Arkansas River.  (Wikipedia)


Salida has also been called one of the best mountain towns in the U.S.

Known as the “Heart of the Rockies,” this mountain town has long been a hub of tourism, transportation and industry in the region.

The city sits at an elevation just over 7,000 feet, but it is surrounded by a number of 14ers (mountains exceeding 14,000 feet).

History of Salida

What is now Salida was first named South Arkansas.

K89B3437 Salida building and main historic streetIt was one of many mining towns in the region as gold, silver, copper and iron.K89B3441 Salida and Rio Grande cabooseIn May 1880, the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad bypassed an existing settlement just to the south, in Cleora, and arrived in the town.

It was renamed Salida, which means exit, as it was at the gateway to the Arkansas River canyon. The town quickly prospered. More information is available at https://on9news.tv/2RAbsBA

So when you’re traveling some of the mountains in Colorado, take a respite in Salida for a unique experience.  You may not want to try the Arkansas River during the winter months though.  😊

Blessings along the way!