Ready for football?

Do you have a favorite NFL or college football team? It’s time to cheer them on, if that’s your thing. I’m excited about college football beginning this weekend and the National Football League (NFL) regular season kicks off after next week.

I like the pre-game activities that allow young people to interact and enjoy the environment. Here are a couple of photos I took last year before a home NFL game. Can you guess my favorite team?

Blessings along the Way!


16 thoughts on “Ready for football?

    1. I know what you mean Dan. Each level has its uniqueness. I enjoyed the Florida/Miami game last night. Steelers have a good following in Florida too. I’ll still pull for the Jaguars in hopes one day they’ll get it all together. However, particularly in the NFL, a team can beat another team in any game.
      I’m always impressed with the Patriots and how they’ve been successful for so long.

  1. I am not a keen fan of football but I do watch the grand finals. Here in Australia I like AFL. For the first time in years our team The Brisbane Lions are at the top of the leader board – there is a mighty game on today, I will watch it on the TV.

    1. It’s great that there are various types of sports that draw our interest. They create some excitement and cohesiveness to respective communities – sometimes helping us break from the challenges in life. Glad the Lions are doing well and that you’ll be watching the game. πŸ™‚

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