Aged or broken

Aged structures still adorn the Wyoming landscape

The lively abode was useful, once upon a time;

What happened, did it just collapse from years of struggle?

Did the cold, snow, sun, wind take their toll?

Maybe no one will know. 

The remains stand the course of time,

Awaiting the one to take an interest, to resurrect.

But do we just pass it by,

Saying it’s no use, it served it purpose, let it rest?

It is a reminder though, to each passer-by

The beauty of what was, and is and will be,

Remain, until the time it collapses, or maybe abide.

Horse, old truck, new truck along Wyoming’s landscape

The horse, the rust from what was, the new,

Exist as reminders of past, present and future.

Is one more important than the other?

They stand the test of time, waiting for the day,

For someone to decide, you remain worthy, serve as you may.

Ranch along the Wyoming landscape

Blessings along the Way!


7 thoughts on “Aged or broken

  1. It’s wonderful the way you weave such beauty with your words into scenes that would seem ordinary to the average 40 something. 😉

    The pics are very bright and beautiful, but your words made them really come alive for me. Enjoyed this this evening, Ron! Thanks. 🙂

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