1920’s car dealership to chop house

The Dinneen Motor Company building is a prominent two-story corner brick structure in downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It seems like it hasn’t changed since 1927, when it was an auto dealership.    It was enlarged and repurposed beginning in 2011 and is now renewed.  http://www.dinneendowntown.com/history

Historic photo of the Dinneen Motor Company in Cheyenne, Wyoming (courtesy: dinneendowntown.com/history)

Something that caught my eye as we rode around on the tour bus was the beauty of the building.  It seems to stand out as a late-model structure.  I guess, in a sense, it is early-model and late-model.  I didn’t realize when we rode by the Dinneen building that the Rib & Chop House restaurant is also at this location.  We didn’t have time to check it out but maybe some of you have, or maybe you’ll be able to visit the restaurant in the future.  I’m certain it is an outstanding place to dine.  Here is their website.  https://ribandchophouse.com/

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