Cheyenne’s Frontier Days

Frontier Days
Bull-riding statue at The Frontier, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Since 1897 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the “daddy” of the rodeo has been “kicking up dust” with the “world’s largest outdoor rodeo and western celebration,” states

According to the website, Frederick W. Angier, traveling passenger agent of the Union Pacific Railroad, suggested to the editor of the Cheyenne Daily Sun-Leader, a festival similar to Greeley, Colorado’s “Potato Day.”  As a result of that suggestion, plans for the first “Frontier Day”, were formulated in the Tivoli Saloon at the corner of 16th Street and Carey.

It’s amazing the influence of the railroad in developing the western frontier.  I’ll have more on that in a separate post. 

Frontier Days events included pony races, bronco busting, steer roping and other activities.  At the time, the events were seen as a test of a cowboy’s skill.  YeeHaw!

The inaugural event was so successful it was extended the next year to include two days.  A parade was added.  The rodeo expanded as the years went on and more affiliated events were added. Its reputation increased as well. And today it is one of the most authentic and largest rodeo events in the world.

We rode around the event area and it was rather quiet in June.  Can you imagine the excitement and activities come July 11-18, 2019, when the cowboys, cowgirls, livestock, vendors and all associated people start converging on the site?  I’m sure it is a wild ride. 

Have you attended the frontier days? How about a rodeo?

Blessings along the Way!


8 thoughts on “Cheyenne’s Frontier Days

    1. I like to watch but forget trying to ride, not even the artificial ones. I recently “sat” on a “jackalope” while is was still. Thanks Dan. 😬😁

    1. I enjoyed the riding tour around Cheyenne. The tour guide highlighted the event and it sound’s like all of Cheyenne will be overtaken – almost like the cattle rides years ago. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  1. YeeHaw indeed. It all sounds quite spectacular and a frontier day seems called for
    in an area where all the cowboys were and of course the frontiers.


  2. We spent a fun afternoon/evening at a little rodeo in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The spectators were as interesting as the participants. It was a place where young and inexperienced competitors were welcome. Nobody was physically hunt, just the pride of some.

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