When I first saw The Wrangler building in Cheyenne, Wyoming I thought it was the original Wrangler store, home of the Wrangler jeans.  However, after a little research, I found that Wrangler jeans began in North Carolina.  The three-story red-painted brick building in Cheyenne is “The Wrangler” store that sells a large array of western attire. 

The building certainly dominates the corner of Capitol Avenue by the train tracks. According to Cheyenne.org, it is home to some sort of retail outlet since its erection in 1892. The main building was joined with an adjacent former hotel sometime in the 1960s. The upper floors of the main building itself were also formerly a hotel.

The two buildings provide about 13,000 ranch wear and western clothing, hats, boots and accessories. “How about a diamond-studded Stetson? Or Cruel Girl jeans? Carhartts? A leather jacket from Arello? Or maybe all you need is a good, old pair of Wranglers?” https://www.cheyenne.org/listing/wrangler/287/

So, where did Wrangler begin?  Is an American manufacturer owned by Kontoor Brands Inc., which also owns Lee. Its headquarters is in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina in the U.S. Production plants are located around the world. 

Did you know? Wrangler Jeans were first made by the Blue Bell Overall Company, which acquired the brand when it took over Casey Jones in the mid-1940s. Blue Bell employed Bernard Lichtenstein (“Rodeo Ben”), a Polish tailor from Łódź, who worked closely with cowboys to help design jeans suitable for rodeo use.  He convinced several well-known rodeo riders of the time to endorse the new design. (Wikipedia)

Another image and information about The Wrangler: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Wrangler,_Cheyenne,_WY.jpg

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