Giant boots

Can you guess where these giant cowboy or cowgirl boots are located? I sure would be concerned meeting the person who fits these boots.

Wyoming is the state where these boots shine forth.

How about Cheyenne?  Yep, that’s the wonderful place to bring out some of the western U.S.  It’s the capital, and most populous city of Wyoming. The city continues to have the culture, look and feel of the old frontier days when settlers began moving out west.

The eight-foot cowboy boots were carefully painted by local artists to show Wyoming’s, and Cheyenne’s history. People go on scavenger hunts to locate them. The visitors center at the train depot have the maps. That’s a neat idea and fun thing to do when visiting Cheyenne.

Speaking of the depot, here are a few images of train cars passing the boot behind the old train depot.

Blessings along the Way!


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