Different drum beat

Metal drum ends provide wall art at Hampton Inn, Mulvane, Kansas.

When I saw these metal drum ends with rust mixed with color in Kansas I thought of our Native Americans in North America.

Not knowing much about Indian culture, I have become more interested during travels across the United States. It is amazing how many various tribes were populated across this vast land. I suppose many of the generations are scattered now and it’s more difficult to determine pure tribes aside from reservations.

As I pondered these pieces of art I wondered if they were made and painted by Native Americans, or even if this artwork is indeed similar to the Indian culture in this area of Kansas. From my own simple analogy, this area is where the Kiowa Tribe was predominant, and a remnant still remain.

So, does the different type of “drum” that is painted trigger any particular thoughts with you?

Blessings along the Way!


15 thoughts on “Different drum beat

  1. As a full-blooded Native American, I can appreciate your contemplation, Ron. These are beautiful. Even though they are clearly modern pieces, they do remind me of a combination of art and history….or the history of how this kind of art was thought of and created. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Kara. That’s wonderful that you are Native American. I felt compelled to start telling the Native American story more as I am reminded in my Midwest travels. πŸ™‚

      1. That’s quite an undertaking to drive across country in the middle of the summer! :o)

        I’ve made that drive across country a couple of times, so I can completely understand how you might feel the influence of native country in this trip of yours. It’s hard to imagine, anymore, a time when this land was vastly undeveloped, right? Amazing to contemplate. Glad you get the chance this summer.

        Drive on and thanks for sharing! Blessings to you and yours and safe travels. πŸ™


      2. True. There are so many interesting places. I was in Colorado late last year and the same interesting places. I do enjoy the open terrain that is still undeveloped. I envision tribes and hunters roaming the territory trying to survive and live in peace.

  2. The drums take me back to my childhood days when I rode in the family car along the river woods in northeastern Montana on the Fort Peck Reservation. It was summer time and pow-wow season.

  3. I do find Native American culture and faith very fascinating and have read about them.
    Their artefacts are rich in colours and often seem to draw on nature. Yes, the three drums
    do have different messages.
    it is sad that the Native people of America, Aboriginals in Australia, Bushmen in Africa were
    more or less destroyed.

    1. Good morning. Thank you. Maybe little by little I can learn more of the past and bring it forward to the future. There is so much beauty around that we should enjoy today while remembering the past. 😊

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