Reach en pointe

Ballet en pointe demonstrates dedication, hard work, strength and grace to achieve to the highest point. (Ballet Cinderella and Fairy Godmother)

Dance recitals are upon us,

Behold the beauty, grace and flow

Of the rhythm, steady movement,

Labor of love, satisfaction, persistence that only family may know.

Reach above – focus, draw strength from the one who loves.

En pointe desired by one

Who yearns, grows, prepares to reach,

Upward toward the highest,

Rise up, reach for the dream, achieve – I beseech. 

(Images from 2019 “Cinderella” production by Heather Loveland Dance Academy portraying “Cinderella” and the “Fairy Godmother.”)

Blessings along the Way!


19 thoughts on “Reach en pointe

  1. Two of my granddaughters take dance lessons, and you are correct that it takes persistence and that it is a labor of love.

    1. That’s wonderful. I love the grace along with the discipline. I enjoy watching and seeing how much they work toward getting everything just right. 😊

    1. Thanks Sharon. I have difficulty comprehending it. I even tried it 😁 and could barely stand on the ball of my feet. 😊

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