We complicate life

Life is simple when we choose,

Accepting things as they seem to be,

Yet wondering if we win or lose,

That which we can, and cannot see.

We walk; sometimes run

To that we desire, and want;

Not thinking of the other,

Struggling through life, and others haunt.

Let go; life is short, but we can’t see clearly;

Pushing, pulling, complicating, not looking above,

Realizing one who loves us dearly,

Let’s keep it simple, led by the one who loves.

These were my thoughts when I read a devotional by Chuck Swindoll on Wednesday. He provides excellent insight and wisdom for today’s living. /insight.org/resources/daily-devotional/individual/keep-it-simple1

We all believe differently but let’s consider the Love that abounds, for us and others.

Blessings along the Way!


23 thoughts on “We complicate life

  1. Thank you for sharing. I am also reading some of Chuck Swindoll’s devotional materials.

    I appreciate you following my writing, and I plan to return to read more of yours.

    1. Bless you and thank you. The bee and flower remind me to be still and reflect on the simple beauty around us. The fog reminds me how our sight is obscured many times. The cityscape reminds me of a complicated life, hustle and bustle. I prefer simplicity and clarity. 😊

      1. I am a happy senior that finally after years of thinking about how to talk to people about my faith,philosophy and life, I had bee tattooed on my right wrist. This way.. there are always questions and wonder, and I am ready!

      2. That must be a good reminder then. We all should stand ready to show love and share to those willing to accept. 🙂

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