Metal scraps, life value

Metal recycling collection point

Thoughts of every day being Earth Day,

As we think of the things we buy and discard.

They have lost their value we say,

Casting them aside, rust and all.

Crane lifts scrap metal at a collection point

Jobs created by things left over.

Forms remade, from what we once knew,

Heated mold accepts all, regardless of strength, shape and color,

Out comes something of value, now brand new.

We think our lives get old – and we rust,

Not wanting to be useful again,

Allowing life to take its own toll.

But the Creator, Master, who designed us all,

Says come to Him, young and old. 

He makes anew, from what we discard,

Life is much worth, even more than we’re told. 


Blessings along the Way!


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5 thoughts on “Metal scraps, life value

    1. Thank you. That’s a wonderful thought and true. He takes our scraps and makes something beautiful. All we have to do is surrender to Him. 😊❀️

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