No beauty and rejected

We the world reflect various beliefs,

Who am I to question what you believe, or do not?

Each has mind, soul and thought within;

Given by divine or simply of women and men.

Lives reflect what surrounds us, products of what was taught, and shown;

My views formed at early age; I searched for truth, released from the cage.

If we seek, we will find, less we desire other paths sublime.

I choose not to judge others’ beliefs; I only speak for myself – and my life’s relief. 

It’s a relationship I learned to love; the Love I found from God above. 

He the sacrifice to atone for me; and answered to my feeble plea. 

He bought me with a very high price; it cost the one who came, His precious life. 

Isaiah relates suffering and pain, of the coming Messiah – the world would not know.

He comes for all, God reflects His Love; life blood poured out – from His veins it flowed.

But who would believe, message from above; He grew like a tender shoot, with no beauty to attract,

Even today, many turn away, allow nothing within; waiting – waiting – for answers to be exact.

Despised, rejected by each of us around; has it really changed from way back when,

No matter how gloom and dark, light overcomes and provides life.

We didn’t believe – one to earth He would send?

Yet He bore our pain, suffering; pierced for the world to see,

But who is to blame, putting Him on the tree?

Was it government, religion, others – but no – it was even me.

Skull Hill face in Jerusalem. Do you think this is the actual site of where Jesus’ cross was placed – on top of this hill with the face resembling that of a skull? 

Where is one today who would die for another?

Would it be sister for sister, or brother for brother?

I’m not able to display such Love, as only God could show.

He gave His life for me; now risen, living – and I am free.

(Inspired by Isaiah 53)

For an image to see what the crucifixion site of Jesus at Golgotha (Jerusalem) may have looked like, you can link it here on Trip Advisor.

Blessings along the Way!


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