Flames and Light

Flames and light dancing so bright,

Glowing with warmth for others to see.

When is fire so damaging, yet so beautiful,

Destructive, yet lighting our way?

Each dance of the flickering flame,

Reaching up, never the same.

Should we fear, should we fright;

Or embrace the eternal Light?

Blessings along the Way!


10 thoughts on “Flames and Light

    1. Thank you. We can stare at it and wonder as well. Unfortunately, we recently saw the destructive nature unfold at Notre Dame. Now, the fire creates anew, while we canโ€™t forget the old. And, we cannot rule out the use of fire but use it for the good. Blessings to you M.B.

  1. Fire is fascinating and beautiful to me – when contained and controlled! Like so many other things in life, it becomes dangerous and destructive when not controlled. Great pictures and thoughts!

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