Dance love

Ballet shoes of a dance instructor, through her childhood.

I recently attended an open house at a dance academy and saw these shoes hanging on the wall. They are shoes of the studio owner and instructor as a reminder to the young dancers to learn, practice and persevere. The shoes reflect years of hard work and labor to be the best one can be – and enjoy the dance. So, below is a simple little poem I attempted to honor instructors and students for their dedication.

The dance is within, from child to aged

Each awaits the moment, to learn and dance. 

When one gets the dream and feels the move.

The mind triggers the thought, but still –

Feet flow without rhythm, striving to become smooth.

Years of dedication and work,

To train the feet the way they should go.

The placement, each muscle learns to conform.

Legs form into the emboîté,

Alternate legs as they are bent,

Or escape with an echappé.

Frappé is quick and precise,

Plié from two into one fondu.

Terms, movements rhythm, grace

Require countless time to improve.

Commitment of years, learn to lead,

Guiding youth steps along the way.

Flowing with grace, beauty,

Standing on tips, learn not to sway.

From pointe on toes – encounter relevé.

Grace, beauty and form now belong,

Countless work becomes perfect, never ending for most.

Love shows through as you dance along.

Grasp every move, on your feet become steady,

Shoes tell the tale, of struggle and growth,

It’s not easy, but dance when you’re ready.

Never give up – achieve the most.

Dance with Love!

Blessings along the Way!


24 thoughts on “Dance love

  1. Such graceful shots, Ron, and an equally graceful poem. Learning dance is something that takes a lot of practice. As you said in one of the comments above, it builds character and strength. I learnt a bit of dance as a kid, namely Chinese and Indian dancing at school along with the rest of my class. Lots of practice. The teacher didn’t mind we weren’t perfect so long as we had fun 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Mabel. You’re very kind. I agree. Learning the phrases alone seem to be take a lot of work. From my perspective dance, like music, is a universal language. I enjoy watching the beautiful flow and movements of Asian dance as well. You’re right, it flows with grace. 🙂

      1. So agree. Dance, like music, is a universal language. We’re all attracted to these art forms even if it’s just a bit of interest. Flows with grace is a good phrase to describe those of us who love dancing, making music, writing and really just being the art 🙂

    1. Awww, thank you so much. Our daughter danced years ago and now we enjoy seeing grandchildren enjoying dance. I mentioned during our open house that I would probably join an adult tap class if they had one. 😊😬

  2. Ballet is all about discipline but I really think every girl should do it for a few years.It gives you strength, confidence and discipline just wrapped in grace.😀I did it from 4 to 8.

    1. I agree. No doubt it is expensive but wouldn’t it be great for every girl to be able to take at least one class, whether ballet, tap, jazz, modern, hip-hop or something similar. It truly does build excellent character, strength, discipline, confidence and other aspects like grace and community. I imagine you did well at dance too. I think there is a need for boys and men as well. 🤔Thanks so much! 🙂

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