Fuel creative minds

Legos creations by Levi

I’m highlighting this week some of the creations of young minds,

Whether drawing or building something.

What did you create when you were young?

How did that help you toward adulthood?

Take time to encourage our young people,

Letting their minds flow,

Creating not just what their eyes see,

But even what they may not know.

Look at little hands, developing, instruments of the mind,

Applaud them, praise them – don’t let them fall behind.

Sometimes the plan falls apart and pieces crumble,

Don’t let then stop, even though they’ve been humbled.

Engineers, scientists, doctors, builders and creators,

They have it within,

Waiting and waiting,

For us to let them begin.


Blessings along the Way!


38 thoughts on “Fuel creative minds

  1. To answer your question on what I created as a child and how it helped me toward adulthood, one thing that comes to mind is helping my parents bake and cook, and that fueled the production and creativity I now bring to what I prepare for my own family.

    Then there was also the writing I’ve always loved doing. It’s still a love of mine. I used my skills for proofreading at a newspaper, and eventually also it flowed nicely into learning medical language so I could correct the grammar of doctors in the reports I transcribed for them, which brought in my family’s income for several years.

    1. Wonderful Steeny Lou. That’s a great example of how the creativity begins to form and flourishes. So many people have it within but don’t allow it to flow greater and outward. No doubt you learned how to use your creativity professionally. Thank you! Ron πŸ™‚

  2. Totally agree, my giros both love legos and anything( from paper to stick …) they can shape and build according with their fantasy πŸ˜€

    1. I’m sure they have a great time creating. I believe the Legos and similar items challenge the minds that will eventually be used for building and shaping in the future. Thanks much. πŸ™‚

    1. That’s fantastic. I am amazed what they can build with Legos. I’ve gone to the Lego store in Downtown Disney a few times and I’m overwhelmed with all the pieces, and the images they created. Such imagination. I struggle with just a few pieces, probably because I don’t take the time to immerse myself. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‰

      1. Yes, he’s moved up to robotics, so he’s able to incorporate Legos and robotics – it’s phenomenal.
        Yes! We’ve been there! It’s no longer Downtown Disney but rather Disney Springs. We love it there.

      2. That’s great. Robotics is the future. I couldn’t remember the new Disney name but you recalled it. It does get pretty crowded at times. πŸ˜€

      3. Oh he loves it! It does, but you can google crowd levels at Disney before planning your next trip. We usually make out there during the summer break and winter break – crowded, but we go because the children won’t be missing days of school.

  3. These are great images, Ron, and great thoughts about encouraging children and young people to create. Actually, I think it’s good for people of all ages. Personally, I don’t think Legos should have an age range on the box.

    1. That’s a great point Dan. I’ve attempted them but just didn’t immerse myself. I recall them being different years ago when I first saw them. I don’t recall having them when I was a child though. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much. I wonder if iLegos will hit the scene? I think it’s good to keep them like they are – young and older alike to use their minds and motor skills. 😁

      1. My kids love their Sony PlayStation adventure Lego games, like Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones, and Lego Star Wars, to name a few. So maybe iLego isn’t too far-fetched.

        But they love getting involved in their hands-on Lego construction, too. Some of the things they build amaze me. I don’t doubt their Lego play has increased their attention to detail and problem-solving skills, in some ways beyond mine as their mother. They have assembled furniture for me, following the instructions with relative ease compared to the struggle I would have!

      2. There you go. That’s another example of learning blocks toward maturity. As they perfect the “Legos” they learn how to build in real life I still have difficulty being that creative with the Legos, so I leave it to the younger minds. πŸ™‚

  4. I mostly drew as a kid. I even sent in that drawing test to the β€œArt Instruction School” that used to come in the mail, remember those?

    I saw today they are coming out with a B&W Steamboat Willie LEGO set! That would make me want to play with LEGO’s 😍

    1. Yes, I remember the drawing contest and submitted one. I never attended the school though. I’ll have to ask about the Steamboat Willie set. Sounds interesting. 😁

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