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It’s quiet now, missing the laughter and squealing with the cool spring water. Serene, peaceful, where are the people?

Crystal clear headwaters at Ichetucknee Springs begin at the north entrance and flow southward.
Spring water bubbles up and flows downstream for all to enjoy.

It was a warm pre-spring day with a slight haze from clouds. We ponder, and imagine, that soon the echoes erupt through the oaks; ripples with the splash of the crystal clear flow. It will soon be Ichetucknee’s prime time.

Ichetucknee – Indian word meaning β€œbeaver pond” and is one of Florida’s 33 first-magnitude springs. (Wikipedia) The springs are located close to High Springs, Florida.

To me, prime time is whenever I can be there, taking in the beauty around. I enjoyed the quietness and stillness without all the laughter and splashing – because it was a good picture day – even though vegetation was still dormant.

The soft flow of the springs allows a slight splash now and then but their flow is without effort, abiding within natural barriers. A leaf falls from the tree and you could almost hear it land in the woods, or softly touch the smooth, clear water.

This is a beautiful place. Observe with me the beauty even in the after-affects of winter.

Egrets and turtles continue their daily routine regardless of coolness or warmth.

Soon, the people will arrive, the green abounds and the sun bakes. The springs refresh. Below is a nice video from Trips to Discover.

Blessings along the Way!


21 thoughts on “Ichetucknee 1

  1. Takes me back in time, and that first big decision at the jumping-off-point…get in slowly or jump in all at once? Then that long, leisurely trip down the river in an inner tube. Float until the sun is too hot on your legs and the rubber of that airplane inner tube was burning you, then flip over and swim a ways towing it until you are ready to climb back on and relax awhile. What a great memory and a great place to spend a summer day!

    1. I can relate. The water was certainly cold in the summer so I tried to stay out of it to some degree. However, while tubing you just have to β€œgo with the flow.” Thanks Sharon for reminding me as well. πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you so much. It is a peaceful place now but will soon be very crowded. I like the peace of the area now more than in the summer. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much. It is a fun place and you could hear the laughter of people enjoying themselves throughout the woods and along the river flow. It’s quiet now but it will soon be a bustling place. Lots of people. πŸ™‚

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