Life springing forth

Cold creeps along, snatching the warmth from life within;

It fights to keep life – to look for light of day.

It was there not long ago, as the birds sang and nature aglow.

Navel oranges ready for consumption in late fall and early winter

In the cold, the orange comes forth to yield its fruit,

The juice within; the taste that sweetens the mind.

Leaves relax, awaiting time to renew;

Absorb the sun, the rain, the warmth that departed.

Orange blossoms breaking out in pre-spring

Awake sweet tree; stand tall; bloom forth and invite that which shares in your beauty; multiply as Creator ordained.

Your blooms bright, you spread forth, ready to start new life again.

Japanese plum tree begins new growth from a dormant life

Too, Japanese plum, once living in another place,

Planted anew, will you live?

You wait, and you pause, waiting for that time.

Awww, I see you develop – the green enveloping.

In time you grow, move beyond just being still, wondering your life call. 

Now absorb the light, warmth from the sun, soaking moisture through your roots.

Will you soon show your colors, spreading your blooms too?

I’m glad you lived, and growing too.

You can’t wait to show others, you too can produce.

It won’t be long and blossoms spring forth – yielding plum – fruit through strife. 

Japanese plum recovered nicely from an replant; preparing to yield this season.

These were my thoughts this weekend as I saw the orange tree budding.  The Japanese plum (originating in China) was replanted from another place in my yard to a place where it could have more sunlight.  It lay dormant with no leaves until the tiny shoots began to form.  Now it is really growing.

What about our lives? Do we lay dormant awaiting the warmth and glow of the sun? God is certainly there to bring us forth to new life as his love envelopes us, shining upon us, encouraging us to spring forth – trusting Him and bringing forth the fruit of life.  

Blessings along the Way!


19 thoughts on “Life springing forth

    1. Fantastic. Good idea, letting our minds reinforce the warmth as we wait. Then, during the summer we will desire the coolness again. 😀Thanks.

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