Has spring sprung?

As most of you living in the northern hemisphere are still experiencing cold weather, at least in the south (particularly in Florida) we are experiencing warmer weather – like in the 80s. 

So, my thought is?  Has spring sprung, although it’s not officially spring?  Just don’t tell the natural environment and the lizards. 

Peach tree blossoms in February

We have now passed on from the pine and are encountering the oak pollen.  Lot’s of sneezes to go around.  Lot’s of car washes too. 

I wondered if my peach tree of just over a year was even alive since the leaves fell in the fall and it didn’t look well. Now it has wakened.  I just had to take a picture and tell you about it. 

Those still shivering should know – it won’t be long – although you may have plenty of snow. 

Blessings along the Way!


22 thoughts on “Has spring sprung?

      1. Awww, thank you so much. I’m doing well and I trust you are. I have been doing some extra projects lately and I can’t seem to keep up with all the posts. I want to read each one regularly but I’ve fallen behind lately. I’m not sure how everyone keeps up with all those we follow. I’ll need to develop a better system. Thank you! 🙂

      2. Good to hear ! Yes sons home . Grown up a lot . That is good your doing some projects . Yes very hard to keep up with posts . No problem 🙂just checking in and seeing how you are . Have a good night!

      3. That’s all good news. Glad your son is moving ahead and serving well. Thanks for checking. I really appreciate it. 😊

    1. Thanks for the comment Janet. I enjoy seeing the snow, and being in it for a short time, but I enjoy the warmth too. Maybe you all will warm soon. Hope building! 🙂

    1. I imagine it’s longer for those northward. It doesn’t seem as long in the south as we don’t have lengthy cold weather. However, spring-like weather can somewhat trick the plans, trees and animals, particular when we have cold days recurring now and then. It won’t be long though. 🙂

  1. Enjoy whatever springs, sprang and has sprung in your neighborhood. We’re still looking at a white yard, Ron. But, that’s normal and I’m OK with normal weather.

    1. I’m sure the white coating is more attractive and picturesque than coating of: pollen. We certainly don’t have much of distinct seasons so it’s nice that you can enjoy them as you desire. 🙂

    1. Wow. I’ll provide a big puff of air your way. Well, California does cover most of the west coast. 🙂 We’ll probably have a few cool snaps now and then but the cold weather (Florida cold) should be over. I just hope the pollen doesn’t linger and we have some ongoing showers to wash everything down. 🙂

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