Sweets Week

Photo of a photo in a Dairy Queen promoting the popular treats.

Since this week is an emphasis on love, sweets, flowers and cards – commonly know as Valentines Day, I figured I should at least post something about sweets, right?

Dairy Queen image of their Cupid Cake. I just have to have some.

Just imagine sitting there in a quaint, relaxing environment with your sweetheart, special friend or just by yourself – tickling your taste buds with some smooth, sweet, soft, flavorful ice cream – even if you’re in the snow. 

What is your favorite ice cream place?  I have many. 

While traveling recently along the U.S. eastern coast, I came upon these signs in a Dairy Queen where we stopped to enjoy this special treat. Dairy Queen is one of my favorite treat stores because of the soft ice cream, smoothness and flavor.  Plus, they’ve been around awhile – satisfying the elder and youth alike. 

While at this particular DQ I noticed old photos on the wall so I decided to capture some of the history with my camera. I delight in seeing images and information from earlier years.  It sort of takes me back in time. 

Wow! If only we had these same prices today as years ago. I could eat to my heart’s content.

Check out this timeline that were posted on the DQ wall:

1938 Americans discover McCullough’s softer and tastier ice cream called “soft serve.”

1940 “The cone with the curl on top” lights up for the first time in Juliet, Illinois.

1949 Shakes and malts are added to the cones, sundaes and take-home pints.

1953 The first Dairy Queen opens in Canada.

1955 The Dilly Bar is introduced to popular acclaim.

1961 The 3,000 store chain launches Mr. Misty, pioneering the      “slush” drink business.

1968 The Buster Bar debuts.

1971 The “scrumpdillyishus” Peanut Buster Parfait” arrives with phenomenal success. (This writer even uses this term today to reference something very tasty)  😊

1979 Dairy Queen debuts in the Middle East

1980 “We treat you right” theme line is introduced

1981 Dairy Queen menu now includes signature frozen cakes and logs.

1985 The blizzard treat makes a spectacular debut.

1991 The first Dairy Queen opens in Mexico.

1992 Dairy Queen debuts in Beijing, China.

1996 The first DQ location opens in Thailand.  There are more than 160 stores operating there today.

1998 DQ is purchased by legendary investor Warren Buffet.

2004 The MooLatte drink premieres and is an instant hit

2006 The first US/Canada Miracle Treat Day occurs

2007 A new DQ logo is unveiled.

2010 The 6,000th DQ opens in Shanghai, China.

2015 The DQ system celebrates its 75th Fanniversary.

Today – DQ continues to operate with great food and treats in more than 6,700 stores worldwide

I must admit I have savored ice cream in many places around the world. I have never been disappointed; however, I still like the soft, fluffy texture of the DQ. 

Maybe we’ll just take a little trip to the local DQ on Valentines Day.  How about you?

Blessings along the Way!


31 thoughts on “Sweets Week

    1. I did. I purchased a Cupid ice cream cake and had a sugar rush. 😀 I haven’t had black current but will have to do some research. I hope you had your favorite treat. Now I have to divert to being more conservative in my sweets again. 😏

  1. DQ is older than me? Wow imagine that and to se those old b/w photos, nice. Banana split, I cream float, ice cream sundae, blizzard, hurricane with all the toppings and the best is chocolate dipped sundae.

    1. Yes, older than me too. 😊 You hit a nerve with all these varieties. I don’t eat as many of them as I would like today but they sure bring back good memories. 😉

      1. That’s certainly something to be aware. I try to limit my sugar today to help prevent diabetes and other affects. Thanks. 😀

  2. What a neat post! I used to love DQ but they don’t have too many out my way. My favorite locally is a place called “Salt and Straw.” They have some very unique and delicious flavors.

    1. Thanks much. I figured they would be in practically every home town. 🙂 Salt and Straw sounds interesting and I’m sure they are quite tasty.

  3. Growing up I used to love ice-creams it was an absolute delight, but with time I don’t know I lost my taste, may be I can go out on Valentines Day and I get myself yummy boat of ice creams and berries on top!

      1. I know, thankfully I dont have a sweet tooth saves me extra calories but I cant control cravings for fried and starchy food, I am trying to control, so difficult it is 😢

    1. I knew it was around a long time but I didn’t realize this long. It’s good for us to not indulge too much as sugar can certainly cause health issues. I have another post coming this week about more sweets so I hope you don’t mind. I don’t want to trigger any sugar rushes on anyone. 😬😊
      I thought it was interesting too that DQ is the parent company of Orange Julius, a popular drink and smoothie shop, Thanks! 🙂

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