Ornamental glove?

Small Senate Rotunda and chandelier add uniqueness to the U.S. Capitol.
Floor and columns beneath the U.S. Capitol small Senate rotunda.

Well, not really; although at a glance that’s what came to mind.

Above these columns and opening is the small rotunda in the old Senate wing of the U.S. Capitol, designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe as an ornamental air shaft.  It was constructed after the fire of 1814 as a means of lighting the corridors and circulating air into rooms that open onto the space. https://www.aoc.gov/capitol-buildings/small-senate-rotunda

Small Senate rotunda in the U.S Capitol

In the pre-fire period this elliptical space housed the Senate wing’s main staircase. Benjamin Henry Latrobe remarked to Thomas Jefferson that “it was one of the most remarkable parts of the Capitol.”

The chandelier hanging in this rotunda since 1965 was purchased for $1,500 from the ABC Wrecking Co., which had removed it from the Capitol Hill United Methodist Church on Seward Square in southeast Washington, D.C., before razing that building. Wow, I can you imagine buying it today?

Imported from Europe in 1903, it previously hung in an historic Baltimore theater and a Capitol Hill church. Originally smaller, it has been enlarged and modified over its history. The chandelier reportedly has 14,500 crystals and weighs nearly 2,000 pounds.

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