Did you miss the national parks?

National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Timing is everything. 

I’m glad we were able to visit some national parks in Washington, D.C. recently before the temporary U.S. Government shutdown.  Otherwise, our latest trip would resemble one a few years ago when we visited during the previous shutdown.

It was disappointing during  the shutdown a few years ago – for us and those from around the world – and equally disappointing during the latest shutdown when the public could not visit the parks under the federal government’s control. 

Smithsonian Castle in Washington, D.C.

I thought of those who looked forward to visiting the various national parks, including the pillars of democracy in D.C.  I’m sure they were disappointed again.  I thought about the employees and their families and the struggles they endured.    

Night image of the fountain at the World War II Memorial – no visitors, cold and dreary, reflecting the impact of the shutdown.

I’m glad these parks will open again this week as employees can work without having to wait for their pay.  As I looked at some of these photos they reminded me of the dark times of government when even the parks designed for enjoyment and learning were minimized, when they should be shining bright for freedom.

Washington Monument and part of the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

I’m thankful for local, national and international guests to be able to visit and learn about the United States of America, its uniqueness, its foundation and the desire to help those seeking freedom during the ages. 

May we always be open while protecting those within and without.

Blessings along the Way!


10 thoughts on “Did you miss the national parks?

  1. Glad everyone is back to work, I was moved to see all the stories about people volunteering and cleaning up trash at the parks while they were closed.

  2. I am glad the employees will get their back pay and continued to be paid. I hope we can find a way to govern, without using our own citizen’s welfare as a bargaining chip.

    On another note, I am always amazed by the number of things that fall under the umbrella of the National Parks Service. I frequently look for old photos of historic buildings on the National Registry f Historic Places. That service and website is run by the National Parks.

    1. Thanks Dan. I agree. Our own citizen’s should not suffer from the lack of governing. Yes, I’m amazed too at the involvement of the NPS. We visited places during the previous shutdown and then realized they too were run by the park service Hence, there was a broad impact of this last shutdown as well.

    1. They are in abundance and I’m glad they are preserved for all to enjoy. I’ll continue to visit them so you can still go along with me on the virtual tour as well. Blessings! 🙂

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