2019 – up or down?

Escalator going upward from Washington, D.C. Metro’s Woodley Park Station

We reflect, we ponder, we question,

What was and could have been.

Did we do our best and did we succeed,

Throughout the year 2018?

Was your year a downward or upward climb,

Wondering which way to go?

Washington, D.C. Metro transfer station awaiting the next connection

We can learn from our thoughts, failures and success of the past,

And move onward and upward to our new vision and dream.

But the way may be rough; we may not know when to arrive,

The ride may be steep, weighted down and steps untold;

Determine what drives us and gives us peace,

As we see a plan and way unfold.

Maybe we’ll have the escalator, ride the Metro or even walk;

The direction may be downhill and not a struggle upward.

Let’s make the move, not stand still, leaving the past and moving ahead.

Starting anew – with love, joy peace and guidance from above.Β 

Blessings and love along the way,


25 thoughts on “2019 – up or down?

  1. In a way, it’s like let’s try this one more time before the next decade! I hope it will be a better year for everyone before the ’20’s. But there’s always New Hope and I like to believe it’s never too late!

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    1. Thanks much Dan. Being in Florida we don’t have the underground systems so I always like to snag a few photos as well when I travel around. I use escalators in other places but this one really got my attention.

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    1. Wonderful Tanya. There are many untrodden paths out there – some lighted and some darkened. I’ll need true light to determine my steps. May much prosperity and joy kiss your footsteps as well and light leading the way. πŸ™‚


      1. Thanks Ron, you reminded me of the great poet Robert Frosts Poem, The Road Not Taken. The flicker of light in your soul will be your guide my friend and the strong conviction to carry on your anchor !!

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