D.C. bound

U.S. Capitol
U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. , capital of the United States of America

I haven’t finished posting from our fall trip out west in the U.S. but I want to divert a little to our more recent trip to Washington, D.C., just after Thanksgiving. 

We had an interesting drive along Interstate 95, with the excessive holiday traffic. 

There is no need to show you the traffic congestion along with the stop-and-go scenarios but trust me – that was the busiest time of travel on the Interstate – Thanksgiving weekend.  Even the rest areas were packed so we had to plan a little more strategy. 

I really liked Virginia’s rest area.  It was clean and provided an excellent selection of snacks and beverages, along with the hostess and in-depth information.   I believe it when they say Virginia is for lovers too.  I’ve traveled extensively through the east and west sides of Virginia.  Each has its own unique landscape and style. 

When you travel north of Richmond traffic seems to increase considerably, any time of year.  No doubt it’s what I call the D.C. influence.  I like to stay in the right lane as much as possible and let those who are intent on speeding excessively just pass by. 

Those traveling during the Christmas holiday need to be extra careful as more people will be on the roads – similar to the Thanksgiving travel time. 

After traveling through the stressful routes into D.C. we worked up an appetite and decided on some good-ole barbeque (barbecue, BBQ).  Hence, we settled on Texas BBQ – yes, even though we were In D.C. 

The staff at Texas Jack’s Barbecue was very nice and professional.  The menu is by item though, so the cost can sneak up on you.  We had a few samplings and they were very good. 

Traveling to D.C. and Texas Jack restaurant
Texas Jack paper image in Texas Jack Barbecue restaurant in D.C.

I was curious about who Texas Jack was, so I took a picture of the paper image in the restaurant. I then looked up information on Wikipedia and here it is if you would like to read more on his background. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Jack_Omohundro

During the next couple of days, I’ll post a few unique displays we discovered in D.C. to emphasize the holiday spirit.  I’m glad you are still traveling with us as we divert a little to this area.

Blessings and love along the way,


8 thoughts on “D.C. bound

    1. That’s good to know Vicklea. I love Virginia – and yes, I agree with you about the congestion. It seems to really build up around Fredericksburg. On one occasion I took an RV around the area to the west to bypass D.C. area. It too was still difficult to maneuver. I prefer taking the non-Interstate since there is more scenery to enjoy. I’ve been east and west of I-95 and enjoy both.

    1. I know what you mean. It’s almost a nightmare driving around there, even on the outskirts. I attempted to ride the Metro on most occasions and it was still a challenge. 🙂

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