New Mexico back road

U.S. 87 traveling toward Amarillo.

While traveling from Colorado to Amarillo, Texas, we were never short of something interesting along the route.   Interstate 25 was picturesque and intriguing, and then we took U.S. 87.  

I could imagine the area filled with prehistoric creation combined with volcanoes in this area.  

Another thought occurred too.  Is this part of the terrain where monstrous cloud systems form, creating super cells and major tornadoes heading east?  That was certainly on my mind.  It didn’t help that occasional signs with warning lights warned motorists of potential high winds crossing the roads.

As we approached a dark image ahead we first thought it was part of a mountain range – BUT, we soon learned it was a large cloud.  Should we turn around? 

No, we would continue and see what it was about.  

While we didn’t see lightning I was still apprehensive about continuing through this cloud.  

Well, we didn’t even encounter rain until farther along toward Texas – just a lot of gray cloud cover.  

So, when things seem dark and scary as we face them, unless there is real danger we should continue pursuing our destination.  Sometimes the threat is not as ominous as we initially think.  

I thought it was neat to see the long trains on each side of U.S. 87 – sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right.  Here is a little video of the ride at certain segments.  

Traveling along U.S. 87 in New Mexico from Colorado toward Amarillo.  

Blessings along the Way!


13 thoughts on “New Mexico back road

    1. Thanks so much. Yes, I had to think about that before driving ahead; thus triggering the other thought about life. The open road does give a sense of freedom. 🙂

    1. Glad you’ve experienced it. I would have liked going off the beaten path to explore some but time didn’t permit. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  1. dear you. I must have missed t his along the way, are you actually heading somewhere, or just on an adventure. Hubby and I would leave on such adventures and I never knew when we would actually head home. It is wonderful following along. Thank you! Oyashikiri..

    1. Oyashikiri, how clever and perceptive you are. Yes, it was a journey from Florida to Colorado as adventure, although I missed a lot of popular places along the way. I enjoy picking out certain out-of-the-ordinary places mixed with ordinary sometimes. I’m so glad you are able to follow along. I have a few points of interest left in this trip but I also want to jump ahead for the Christmas and holiday season too. I may divert a little. 🙂

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