Beauty to and from

Traveling south along U.S. 50 highway in Colorado.

The trip to the Colorado Rockies was a very enjoyable one.

I had some thoughts though while looking at the images on our trip toward home.

Does one enjoy the trip to the destination of plans more than the return journey home?

Is the view different when traveling back; do we anticipate the trip, or do we just have a ho-hum attitude – like I’ve seen it before already?

Why not enjoy every bit of the journey – to the destination and beyond? 

The mountains are the same – I mean they didn’t change in just a week.

The sky is still adorned with the majestic blues.

Why, even if gray clouds pop up the sky is still the same above.

One could take a thousand photos of a location and each image is unique.

I think I shall never tire of beholding the beauty surrounding us.

We may have a thousand look-alikes that look and act just like us;

But! We are individually unique and made special for this time.

We too should continue enjoying the beauty within us and the beauty all around.

Quarry along U.S. 50 in Colorado.
Quarry along U.S. 50 highway in Colorado that has its own beauty and purpose.  

Take a breath, pause – behold!  Absorb the scenery. 

Enjoy life!

Blessings and love along the way!


21 thoughts on “Beauty to and from

      1. Fantastic. Thank you. I looked at some video clips from my dash cam and also noticed the long trains along the route from Pueblo toward Waco. I’ll see about posting something in a couple of days with the trains since you like them. 🙂

      2. That’s a neat thing to do. I was in D.C. a couple of weeks ago and we went to Union Station. I took some photos of the train yard. It was interesting and my grandson always enjoys them.

  1. I love to travel for any reason, so the ride is as important as the destination to me. So much to see, and I agree we should make the most and best of every moment we’re given. Love your thoughts together with L’s pictures. You make a great team!

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