Bull elk rack, hardware and gas

Crested Butte Museum
The Plute Bull Elk display seems like it wants to speak to the museum’s guests.  

There is a small museum in Crested Butte’s downtown and you could easily drive past it.  While walking the sidewalk we just happened upon this neat little museum and were compelled to check it out. 

According to the wall plaques, this museum began as a hardware store and then a gas station.  John McCosker built the store in 1883.  It was also a blacksmith shop.  Until this day though the quaint little building is known as Tony’s Conoco. It provided needed support to the residents and those working the mines during this era.  You can enlarge this photo to read more of the history. 

Also interesting in the museum is the largest typical bull elk rack in the world, known as the Plute Bull or Dark Canyon Bull.  Have you seen anything larger?  Enlarge this image for more details. 

I enjoyed this little museum that takes one back in time a little. 

Blessings along the way!


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