Aspens and life

Aspen trees glowed as we traveled through Kebler Pass 

Come!  Let’s travel a little distance along the Kebler Pass in the Colorado Rockies.  The Pass connects Crested Butte to Paonia to the west.

Kebler Pass is a terrific high-mountain pass and is a gorgeous seasonal shortcut to Aspen, Colorado.  

The pass summits at 10,007 feet above sea level, passing through the Gunnison National Forest.  It’s probably best know as one of the premiere spots to be blown away by the fall aspens.  It’s home to one of the largest aspen groves in the United States, situated in the Elk Mountains.


Aspen trees glisten in the breeze.

As I looked at these photos and thought about Thanksgiving in the U.S.A., I couldn’t help but begin writing out my personal thoughts.  I trust it is okay with you, if you choose to read them.   

As we see the beauty that rises up and around, beholding life that God has provided – even the air that we breath, the sun, the trees.

We are all special, just as we behold the Aspen in the beauty of the Rockies.

Can we say to this tree you are more important than the other?

Can we say to the leaf, glowing with brilliant, gold color that you are more beautiful than the green leaf that has not adjusted for the pursuing winter?

Can we say to the leaves that glisten and shine that you are more important than the ones that do not gather attention of the passer-by? 

The air moves and causes disturbance of the stillness; leaves move and sway with the direction they were moved, like an orchestration of love and beauty.

They enjoy life and fulfill their calling, adjusting their color, falling, providing cover and support, foundation for some of creation.

They yield as the cold gathers and the whiteness from the sky causes a new glisten – and they are renewed when the time is right.

I am thankful for the simple things of life. 

Is one day sufficient to be thankful for all that is around?

Family, friends, life, air, freedom, sustenance as energy for the shell that is home to my inner being, my soul.

I am thankful for life and the abundance of it – physical, mental and spiritual; for God who loves us and desires for us to see his beauty around; 

That He draws us to know of His eternal plan – and that His love surpasses all understanding.

Let’s listen to each other, love each other, be thankful for life and all that is offered. 

Being thankful is not for just one day of the year or even a month.

Recognize all that is around us – living each day – loving each day – caring each day,

Knowing that we are all different and created special for this moment.  

Blessings along the way!


24 thoughts on “Aspens and life

  1. Stunning beautiful pictures! I agree about Gratitude for the most simple things that exist every single day – they bring deep meaning to life. Nature and trees teach us of the existence of no comparison, no judgement.

  2. Mother Nature has various forms…all of them mesmerising! Thank you for sharing those breathtaking pictures Roni. I haven’t seen Aspens and your pictures are inspiring enough to visit this place! Your poetic words of thankfulness say it all and I agree with you, one day is not enough to says thanks. Blessed are those who say ‘Thank You’ every morning.
    Thank you for nudging me over here, I like the way you have presented your thoughts.

  3. God’s country! I love Aspens and know the drive. We moved to Colorado from Massachusetts when I was ten and explored the State every chance we could. I enjoyed your photos which evoked memories for me.

    1. Wow. I agree. That’s wonderful. I had only traveled in short visits to Colorado before but this time we were able to spend more time. So much to enjoy. Glad you enjoyed the ride along and the memories revisited. Thank you. 🙂

      1. I love the mountains and blue skies in Colorado. If you haven’t seen Mesa Verde in the Southwest corner of the state, known as the four corners area, I highly recommend it. As a World Heritage Site, visitors may crawl through ancient Indian dwellings. Thanks for bring me down memory lane.

      2. Me too. Thanks for the Mesa Verde area. We drove back through some of the area. I have a future post of the Blue Mesa Lake and area – coming soon. 🙂

      3. We spent entire vacations growing up in CO exploring Mesa Verde. Also did the Great Sand Dunes National Monument on the way. Beach sand, mountains of it, right at the foot of tall mountains. Gorgeous. Must have all been water at some point. There is also a disappearing stream. You see it for a bit and the next portion is under the sand. Lots of fun for kids of all ages!

    1. Thanks so much Kavita. I really appreciate your kind thoughts. I think the aspen trees have become my favorite. True, we need to preserve the beauty all around us the best we can. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, one can just stand there and take it all in. The area has hundred of miles of trails for biking, walking and enjoying the beauty. Very popular during ski season too. 🙂

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