Salida’s local flavor

Travel to Salida, COTraveling U.S. Highway 50 from Canon City to Gunnison presents a another picturesque opportunity.

Travel to Salida, CO with train and river

K89B3293 Rocks point to sky opening near going to Salida

K89B3270 Rock jet going to Salida

K89B3259 Road, river and rail
Road, river, rapids and rail create unique views along U.S. 50 highway traveling toward Salida, Colorado.  

We stopped along the way and enjoyed some of the peaceful flow of the Arkansas River near Salida, Colorado.

K89B3348 River before Salida
Arkansas River flows parallel to U.S. 50.

K89B3364 Yoga pose at river before SalidaFollowing our little respite from the travel we continued on and were surprised by a wonderful little town called Salida. K89B3412 Home of hi-altitude cattle sign at SalidaK89B3222 Salida entrance sign - creative districtWe decided to travel to the historic section and were greeted by some wildlife grazing around residences and businesses.

K89B3439 Salida hotel and mountainI enjoyed the quaintness of the town and the older structures.  I wanted to research Salida a little further and discovered the town has the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area – considered one of the United State’s most popular locations for whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Arkansas River.  (Wikipedia)


Salida has also been called one of the best mountain towns in the U.S.

Known as the “Heart of the Rockies,” this mountain town has long been a hub of tourism, transportation and industry in the region.

The city sits at an elevation just over 7,000 feet, but it is surrounded by a number of 14ers (mountains exceeding 14,000 feet).

History of Salida

What is now Salida was first named South Arkansas.

K89B3437 Salida building and main historic streetIt was one of many mining towns in the region as gold, silver, copper and iron.K89B3441 Salida and Rio Grande cabooseIn May 1880, the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad bypassed an existing settlement just to the south, in Cleora, and arrived in the town.

It was renamed Salida, which means exit, as it was at the gateway to the Arkansas River canyon. The town quickly prospered. More information is available at

So when you’re traveling some of the mountains in Colorado, take a respite in Salida for a unique experience.  You may not want to try the Arkansas River during the winter months though.  😊

Blessings along the way!



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    1. Thank you so much. It’s a beautiful area for sure.
      I thought I had another post published a couple of days ago after Salida but apparently it was never posted. It was stuck in my drafts but I published it this morning. 👍😁

    1. Thanks much Dan. Yes, I always liked the caboose. My dad was a career railroad man and he talked about being in the caboose as well as the engine. I almost started a career with the railroad and went into the military instead. I do enjoy the trains – and the caboose. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. There were some clouds rolling in and opened up just over the crest. The rock outrigger is interesting – just jetting out. It would have been really cool against a blue sky. 🙂

      1. Very true, besides we need you here on WordPress in case of storms, travrel, food, poetry.. whom will we seek otherwise?

      2. awww, that’s very kind of you. Yes, I must continue my mission in doing the best I can to keep all informed that I can. 👍😉

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