Beauty among thorns

Cactus near SalidaHave you ever wondered as you look at a cactus,

Staying at arms link to prevent the prickly touch.

How they flourish in the drought and void

As they grow they don’t need much.

But how do the flowers adorn the plant?

The beauty among the instrument of pain.

Yet they grown and the beauty they present

They don’t let the thorns overcome their plan

To attract those passing by to stop and look,

Regardless of the thorns that try to overcome.

Life is full of thorns along the way,

Don’t focus on their intent of pain

But keep an eye for the beauty within.

As the flowers grow brighter when receiving the rain.


Blessings along the way!



26 thoughts on “Beauty among thorns

  1. I really LOVE this writing, and this is so strange. There was a lady I used to know and had the most thorn-like personality and always said cutting things to me, so one day I gave her a flowering cactus, and I wrote on my card, “There is beauty even in that which has thorns.” So you can imagine how appreciative I am of your writing. It definitely means a lot to me. Thank you so kindly and I wish you the best of everything, whichever holidays or celebration you participate in this time of year. Peace and blessings always, Anne

    1. That’s fantastic Anne. Thank you so much for your comments. That also means a lot to me. You are so right – we just have to work through the rough and sticky parts to see the beauty sometimes. In the end – I think it’s worth it; although I have a long way to go to actually accomplish this. 🙂

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