Upward and Curvy

Pikes Peak upward climbRide with me to the top,

Ride the curves.

Pikes Peak trees 5 and curveUp we go,  curve right, curve left;

Pikes Peak trees 6 and curveLook right, look left;

Pikes Peak trees 7 and curvePikes Peak trees 8 and curveRiding up Pikes Peak is an adventure in itself.

Observe the beauty as you go.

Pikes Peak trees 9 and curveSimilar in life though when we want to rise higher,

We feel the pressure, the cooler surroundings, and the clouds build.

pikes peak upward climb sharp curve 2Our life support strains to adjust to the altitude, the air.

Do you notice the higher the climb to rise to the top,

pikes peak upward climb sharp curveThe more curvy and steep is the way?

We compare to our experiences of other mountains we climb,

Like the one in the Smokeys.

But it seems the steepness of this climb is more gradual,

Pikes Peak upward climb sharp curvePikes Peak upward climb sharp curve 2Although we meet ourselves going and coming – almost.

When will we arrive, we ask ourselves.

Pikes Peak upward climb scenic view with cloudsOnce we’ve traversed many twists and turns.

But we endure, taking rests as we need,

Pikes Peak upward climb scenic viewWe know we will arrive when we’ve endured, and not give up.

Enjoy the beauty – that sometimes isn’t an easy ride – but worth the journey.



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