Skirted Heifer

Skirted Heifer 5.jpgWhat?  A restaurant?

Yes, the Skirted Heifer in downtown Colorado Springs is a popular restaurant nestled among the businesses, shops and restaurants.

Skirted Heifer 1.jpgThe restaurant prides itself in being an eco-friendly place, including the floors being made of bamboo.  The beef is local grass-fed.  Their story and eco-friendly facts are included at

We almost passed the restaurant when trying to find it as we were traveling in the downtown environment – trying to watch traffic, people and stores.

Skirted Heifer.jpgSkirted Heifer had a line to the door, during a perceived non-rush time.  This confirmed to me at the onset that this must be worth the wait. You can figure that out easily by checking on where the locals eat.

Skirted Heifer 7.jpgI wasn’t sure what the Skirted Heifer burger was but I ordered it.  The cheese was flattened and spread outside the bun, covering the patty like a skirt.  Interesting concept.  I had never heard of this before.

Skirted Heifer 2.jpgSkirted Heifer 3.jpg










Skirted Heifer 4.jpg

So, if you are around Colorado Springs and would like a good hometown burger, fries and custard cuisine, Skirted Heifer is worth the try.  We enjoyed it.

Skirted Heifer 6.jpgRemember Guy Fieri on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives?  He has been at Skirted Heifer too.  This Food Network link provides some basic information and comments from other guests.



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