Wind for power

Colorado windmills-2

Wouldn’t it be great to use these windmills throughout the world to harness the power of the wind?  I’ve seem them in Germany too but I’m not sure who else uses them.

Colorado windmills-3How would these devices work in a hurricane environment?  Would they stand up against the ferocious winds?

Maybe someone smarter than I can share some light on the subject; but I was thinking of ways people without electricity – like those affected by Hurricane Michael, could use power generators like windmills – probably on a smaller scale.

However, I understand it would not be safe to generate power while the grid is not safe.  But maybe there is something that can be done to have power more available in respective communities or in homes – while being safe.

Colorado welcome signWhile traveling from Kansas to Colorado at night we could see red lights spread out everywhere.  First thought was maybe they are alien landing lights across the open plains.  Well, I knew better, and confirmed they were windmills.  I was impressed with the red lights though.

Colorado windmills-1Well, during the day we could see how massive these windmills are.  They amaze me.  I  could just sit there and watch them.  To me, they seem so peaceful, maybe hypnotic.

When we think about the power of the wind – like in a hurricane – it is so destructive and doesn’t provide much value to quality of life.  However, wind is power and provides power for good to those who receive the benefit – like from the windmills.

Let’s keep harnessing the power of the wind for power – and quality of life.



31 thoughts on “Wind for power

  1. They are a common feature in the whole of Scandinavia and also in England.
    I would dare bet on that this also goes for most countries in Europe.

    I do know that Sweden is almost self sufficient by using windmills, hydro power and heat from within mountains. Very clean air.

    May it all continue to develop.
    I am sure you know these windmills are controlled so they don’t spin out of control in storm.


    1. Thank you for the insight. I noticed these in the US seem controlled as well. I could imagine how they would spin in a hurricane or tornado if not controlled to some degree. 🙂

    1. You’re not the only one. 🙂 Thanks for your comments. We need to be able to do both – use new capabilities while protecting the environment. There is a balance somewhere.

  2. Hello again!
    Lets see….Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois , California and I understand offshore is in the making, as well as many countries now . I’m sure there are more but OK, Kansas and Illinois are where 2 of our sons and son in law are wind techs ( also several of their friends)

    1. That’s great Laura. Maybe they can share some stories about wind. I have thought about installing solar at my home in Florida but I understand it’s fairly expensive for the installation. If we could install wind turbines with protective shrouds then maybe we can protect the birds too. I think that’s a good trade-off so we can be less dependent on fossil fuel.

  3. I dont truly like them much because they kill hundred of birds that fly near them. This has been proven true! Beautiful to look at them but to much blood for one. Sorry but I am honest and tell the true.

    1. Not as you’d think and if any endangered, no turbines allowed. Imagine Nuclear plants, always on water?
      I’m wondering the environmental hazard there? While curious, I’ve never actually asked my brothers who are both nuclear engineers. How funny, between my sons in wind and brothers in nuclear….my family provides your family with energy! Lol

      1. Thank you and your family for significant contribution to provide energy. I’m sure those in the Florida Panhandle could use some of it right now if we had expanded capability, while being safe.

    2. It seemed like they were moving so slow that birds could fly around them. I never saw any birds but I didn’t stop and take notice that close either. I’m sure I wouldn’t be allowed to go near them. We can still think of ways to use technology and protect the environment. Thanks.

      1. I saw it in a documentary, you cannot stop birds from flying. Is just all that blood makes me sick and especially sad but we can as you say use both somehow

      1. That’s what I’m talking about. If they can figure how to use them safely at homes then that’s great. Thanks Laura.

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