Kansas Light and Land

Kansas interstate at sunset-1Traveling through the open roads, watching the sun aglow,

Opening the lanes to see, but also as the night closes in;

It glows so bright, not even the squint will negate,

The overwhelming light from above, as it begins to set.

Kansas open land

Along the land the cattle settle in,

Even they await the rest from their day’s work;

Of adorning the land and living peacefully,

Doing what they do, living life as designed.

Kansas interstate at sunset

Say goodnight to the fields and the life,

That adorns the land and those traveling along.

I’ll see you in the morning on this side of the globe,

If you rise early enough, my light to behold.

Kansas sunrise at corn field-1

Arise I do, looking beyond, behold the cast of the sun;

It begins its glow over the road so it seems,

I know, it breaks the horizon as it raises its rays,

And across the way it casts its beams.

Kansas sunrise at corn field

Through the night one wonders what daylight will reveal;

Then as the sun casts its morning glow,

I see life that was just alone and still.

Kansas corn field at dawn

But now the color adorns the way,

Cast by the light of a beautiful day.

Kansas silos and corn fields

Everything seems fresh from its rest through the night,

We see new life in each of us.

We must be on our way traveling along,

From place to place to where life goes.

Kansas, Colby silo
Silo at Colby, Kansas

And we make the best of the day, awaiting the time,

When the sun settles in the west, closing its day’s glow.

We again welcome the dawn – anew in our new place.



16 thoughts on “Kansas Light and Land

      1. I live in a metropolitan area and have challenges growing a few vegetables and fruits in a small area. I like the idea of farming and the open land and really appreciate our farmers. I do want to increase my small area farming more and yes – help a neighbor. Good insight. 😁

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