A little St. Louis culture

St. Louis Capitol reflection
The old St. Louis Courthouse reflection on the building beside it, across from the Gateway Arch, captures attention as one walks by.

The Gateway Arch seems to be the main attraction around St. Louis but I noticed a few other things of interest.

St. Louis arch 18 Kids edited
Popular activity in front of the Gateway Arch – jumping in the air for a photo with the arch in the background.  Faces obscured to protect identify.

St. Louis arch riverboat cruiseLooking for a new way to experience St. Louis? Then it’s time to set sail on the Tom Sawyer riverboat and take in that breathtaking St. Louis skyline with a view brought to you by the Mississippi River and the Riverboats at the Gateway Arch. http://slfp.com/View-of-Arch.html

Missouri river display at Gateway ArchThe Riverbend artwork in front of the Gateway Arch visitor center and entrance is a 105 foot visual display of silver material on the pavement.  It represents the Missouri River, and references the arch, to highlight how travelers could navigate the river.

Riverbend is named after the poetic, historic names of the river bends of the Missouri, which stretches 735 miles, joining the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis.https://www.nps.gov/jeff/index.htm



Mississippi River and bridge in St. Louis downtownThe Mississippi River flows directly below the east windows of the arch at a normal top water speed of three miles-an-hour at a depth of about 12-15 feet. The Missouri River meets the Mississippi about 15 miles to the north of the arch.

Motorcycle in Sugarfire

I understand on most Friday evenings motorcyclists in large numbers, as well as small groups, cruise downtown streets.  Apparently this is a cultural thing as they seem to rule the roads.  You can hear rocket bikes throughout downtown. I have no problem with their activities as long as they don’t threaten public safety.  It is sort of an interesting phenomena.  Biker wheelie in St. Louis

Helo at the arch
Helicopter tours are readily available along the Mississippi River in near the arch and the riverboats.

St. Louis - Louis and Clark statue

Between the Eads Bridge in St. Louis and the riverboats on the Mississippi River stands a bronze statue of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and their companion, Seaman.

Let’s continue in the spirit of Lewis & Clark to explore the land before us, endeavoring to do the best we can for good progress and humankind.



12 thoughts on “A little St. Louis culture

  1. Thanks for highlighting my home city! I don’t venture downtown much in the evenings, (unless I’m going to a Card’s game) so the fact that there are motorcyles down there on Friday nights is news to me. But I do know there’s one weekend every summer when they descend on St. Louis in large numbers, mostly peaceably, but sometimes they do cause issues with traffic. I am glad you enjoyed your visit, and hope if you come back, you are able to visit some of the attractions listed in the comment above. My personal favorite is Forest Park, which has an art museum, a history museum, a zoo, an outdoor theater, tennis courts, a golf course, ball fields, a restaurant overlooking the lake, boat rentals and lots of green space. Thanks again for this post….loved it!

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    1. Thank you so much Ann. The area has a lot to offer and see, plus eating. I would like to go back when I have more time to soak in some of the “flavor.” I was told that the cyclists come ever Friday night, probably for the summer, but maybe it is once a month. It may have been the very Friday we were there. I have never seen so many motorcycle “wheelies” in my life. One of the riders fell and fortunately was okay. He got back on his bike and took off again.

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  2. Hi Ron,
    Are you still there, Live there or judt passing through? Cardinal Baseball rule St. Louis! The ballpark area is fantastic! There are several great chikdrens museums and the Historic, Fabulous Fox Theatre is old world theatre, Stunning!!! Hit a real Irish Pub for a pint and tremendous food, at McGurks. St Louis zoo is one of the best and its free! Have fun!


    1. Thanks a bunch Laura. We stayed a day-and-a-half while en-route to Colorado but I would like to go back. There are lots of areas to check out. I’ll close out my posts, probably on Saturday, about the gooey bar and coffee shop downtown. That was a good place to check out also. Thanks for your insight. 🙂

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