Nashville music nights

Nashville downtown, nightIsn’t music to the ears of the beholder, or listener?

Maybe you’ve heard the term “music to my ears.”  I have – which denotes something pleasing.

While traveling through downtown Nashville at night, one will certainly hear various genres of music.  It seems to me that I mostly heard country music though.

What is interesting to me is how many musicians aspiring to greatness are heard throughout these famous downtown blocks and along Music Row.  I was also intrigued by the volume of people walking and driving through the area.  The music tends to blend in with the collection of tunes from each establishment, combined with noise of people and vehicles.

It’s a good thing we ate before cruising the Nashville night strip as it was slow moving and we certainly would have been enticed by all the restaurants.

Hattie Bs outside, nightA popular restaurant around Nashville is Hattie Bs and we had to experience it.  We went to the Hattie Bs in Berry Hill.  The line was long and parking was limited but we found a spot along the main road.  They specialize in fried chicken with various heat levels.  I didn’t try the “hot” level but my no heat was outstanding.  I loved the sides.

It’s worth a visit at one of the Hattie Bs locations.   There is one in Midtown nearest Music Row but I’m sure it was packed.  One is now open in Las Vegas as well.

Hattie Bs outside mural

Nashville has a lot to offer, particularly for music lovers.  I just wanted to provide a little sampling with this post.



10 thoughts on “Nashville music nights

  1. I have been to Nashville, stayed three wonderful days. Most of my memories
    are centered around music and people. A whole city built just around music.
    Visit the Hall of Fame, the O’l Opera … not forgetting the Tequila bars 😊


    1. Thank you Lynn? Yes, it is another interesting place with a lot of music history for sure. Some of my night photos didn’t do so well but this one had better clarity. 🙂

    1. I was just passing through this time but had been there before. I like their restaurants for use and dropped by some of the establishments with open doors to hear the music. It’s an interesting environment.

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