Florida’s Music

Florida music with natureI enjoy this image I saw at a Florida welcome center, Osceola National Forest, highlighting Florida’s music.

The trumpeting of sandhill cranes, croaking of bull gators and grunting of pig frogs – part of the natural habitat.

Interstate 10 goes through the Osceola National Forest near Lake City, Florida.  It’s not far from the Suwannee River where Stephen Foster was inspired.

According to VisitFlorida: “On the banks of the Suwannee River, the Stephen Foster Folk Culture Center State Park brings camping, canoeing and hiking along this historic river together with living folk culture. The park, named for the composer of Florida’s state song, “Old Folks at Home” (better known as “Way Down Upon the Suwannee River”).

I can see how one like Stephen Foster would be inspired to write.  The following words came to my mind just by looking at the nature photo and driving over the Suwanee River (I see a future post about this river coming.)

“Oh the music to my hears, of the things we hold dear,                                                              Some we may naturally like and some may create fear.                                                            The soft, gentle flow of rain and water,                                                                                    Create an environment that you don’t want to bother.” – Ron Tittle

The caption of the artwork states:

Among the towering trees of Fanny Bay Swamp, listen for the splash of the turtle sliding off its log.

Look for the “trees with knees”! The cypress trees and swamp are home to many of the plants and animals we may see within the Florida forest.

Notice the different plants and animals that live in this ecosystem compared to the pines and flatwoods.

Listen closely, beyond the noisy creatures and soft sound of the wind – enjoying the music of cypress swamps.

“When you try to change any single thing, you find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”  – John Muir



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    1. Thanks great Lynn. Thank you! I enjoy the learning here also. God bless you big time too. I’ve been traveling the past few days and can’t keep up with writing nor reading as much while driving. My plan is to write a little post about Nashville music today. 😊

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