Drift ashore

Driftwood 4Have you ever looked at driftwood along the shore and wondered its origin?

Drifwood 2How long has it been there and how long will it stay?                                                                  What use has the wood provided in time’s past,                                                                      And where it stands, how long before decay?

Driftwood 5

Driftwood is wood washed ashore, along a beach, a sea, lake or river,                                  By the action of winds, tides or waves.

Most driftwood is remains of trees – washed into the ocean, by flood, high winds,                It could exist from logging, or other natural events.

Maybe the tree that once was, and is no more,                                                                          Has no use today, so we think.                                                                                                          But isn’t it still a tree, although different from what we believe?                                          Maybe it was in an important mission, or a boat that would sink.

Driftwood and OspreyDriftwood has a new purpose, to provide a home for birds.                                                  And maybe during its journey – a place for fish or other life, some now extinct.

Driftwood 7But we see the special beauty in the passing of time,                                                              And take photos to remind us how it stands there alone;                                                        For us to behold the splendor,                                                                                                          Of life as it carries on.

Driftwood 3We may think our life’s use won’t last,                                                                                        And we wonder if we drifted ashore.                                                                                                But we must look beyond our past,                                                                                              And know there is more.

Driftwood 1(Additional note from Wikipedia: “There is also a subset of driftwood known as drift lumber. Drift lumber includes the remains of man-made wooden objects, such as buildings and their contents washed into the sea during storms, wooden objects discarded into the water from shore, dropped dunnage or lost cargo from ships (jetsam), and the remains of shipwrecked wooden ships and boats (flotsam). Erosion and wave action may make it difficult or impossible to determine the origin of a particular piece of driftwood.”  (Wikipedia)






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    1. Thank you so much Viola. Yes, some people make furniture of the wood and lumber too. I think in some areas people are not supposed to remove the driftwood or “drift trees” as I like to call them also. 🙂

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