Beauty before Beast

Sunrise and beach

Isn’t it amazing how beauty can soon change into a dangerous, catastrophic threat to life and property?

Who can imagine how one morning a sunrise can present such beauty and within hours change?  That’s how our physical environment can change without notice and sometimes we’re not prepared for the threats of life.

Storm CloudsTake Hurricane Florence for instance and how the sunrise begins to give way to the storms that encroach on our freedom and peace of mind.

Just like our lives we yield to that which overcomes; however, we don’t have to declare defeat.  I believe that through God’s amazing grace and help we can overcome any obstacle.

Charleston boardwalkI’m thinking of those in the path of Hurricane Florence, or traveling through the southeastern U.S. during the next couple of weeks.

Beach pier with rough wavesResidents and guests near the ocean in the southeastern U.S. should be aware of the dangers and should listen closely to local emergency managers.  The waves are tremendously dangerous with rip tides and currents.

Beach pier with rough waves-2

Even that which is now may become no more.    

Sea angry near boardwalkThe calm soon turns into anger as the ocean rises to meet the borders that contain it.  Yes, winds are devastating but storm surge is for real.  Can you just imagine 13 feet of ocean rise over land? And, considering some of the waves from Florence are being documented at around 30 feet, what can stand in the relentless onslaught of power.

Sea angryThose traveling in the southeastern U.S. need to be aware that thousands, if not millions of people will be traveling more that normal, extending outward to most of the surrounding states and then some.

Traffic CongestionExpect traffic to be tremendous on Interstates and local roads and the airports to be overcrowded.

Charleston Bridge to beachAs winds increase, expect bridges to close for traffic

Expect restaurants to be crowded, and possibly without food – even before the storm makes its major impact.  Lodging will be overbooked.  You will likely have difficulty getting ANY rooms throughout the region.

Hurricanes have so much destructive power that includes multiple tornadoes as well as tremendous storm surge – and pushing water inland.

Waves under pier

Storm surge reality check
Storm surge height expectation during respective categories of a hurricane.

Even days, if not weeks, expect flooding and all sorts of other hazards.

Water fast moving

There will be major power outages and fires, leaking fuel and other chemicals.  Downed power lines and trees will adorn most landscapes.  If one can evacuate the identified area please do so.  If one can’t evacuate safely, please notify local authorities to seek assistance BEFOREHAND.

Evacuation Route sign

Once the major storm threat has passed, it will take quite a while to return to any kind of normal conditions.  People will be without water and food for days, if not weeks.  Emergency response teams will do their best to help residents and guests to recover but everyone must take responsibility to prepare and be safe.

Only use generators outside with ventilation.  That’s a safety precaution for all times, not just emergencies.  Remember!  Keeping you and your family safe and secure is your primary responsibility.

I’m an advocate for non-profits and faith-based organizations like churches throughout the region to organize to help those traveling and may be stranded, while those within the path help those who cannot travel.  This is a great opportunity to love our neighbors and re-enforce local response efforts.

Those who volunteer to help should also register with respective emergency management divisions for coordination and accountability.

Again, those traveling in the U.S. should check regularly with news and emergency management authorities to determine up-to-date information.

If you are traveling outside the projected path you may likely have Internet connection and phone service but realize those within the storm areas will have difficulty communicating for periods of time.  If you don’t have to travel to the projected impact areas please look for other places to visit and enjoy your travels.

One immediate website to assist in emergency planning is at




18 thoughts on “Beauty before Beast

  1. Thanks for the information, Ron.
    Hurricanes are among the most powerful and destructive natural phenomena in the world. I hope that Florence loses strength and returns to calm and tranquility for all of you. Many blessings.

    1. Thank you Evelyn. We are okay so far in Florida but I feel for those particularly in North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as parts of Virginia. The downgraded tropical system is moving more northward now and many other states will experience lots of rain – and thankfully not much wind and severity. Of course we’ll see continued floods as rains in the higher elevation will begin flowing downward also. I’m encouraged by hearing of so many people responding to help their fellow neighbors. That’s how it should be worldwide, people caring for one another.

  2. Great piece again, very informative. You are doing a great service by spreading awareness through your blog. I was wondering today why are these storms of lifetimes have such exotic names, katrina, laila, florence, cleopatra,….

    1. Thanks so much Tanya. I have a certain passion and concern for safety of families. Yes, I wonder also about the names. Of course Irma and Maria last year were quite destructive. Andrew is probably a normal name. 🙂

      1. I enjoyed your message as we all try to balance our gloom and glare. Thanks for the lighter side approach as we are grateful for those doing amazing things during times of trouble.

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you are prepared. One doesn’t know for sure which way Florence will turn. We know there are various throughout the world and I hope all communities will look at their preparations to help them survive – whether hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, mudslides or whatever.

  3. Thank you, Ron! I’ve been preparing for days (here in Virginia), and am trying to get caught up on blog reading since I’m not sure what will happen–if we’ll lose power when the storm hits. Excellent post… wonderful photography as always; profound spiritual insight and sound practical advice. This is truly a winner! Thank you! God bless you big time!

    1. Thank you so much Lynn. You’re a blessing. It looks like Florence may jog more southward but we will not know until it happens. This is one of my heartbeats so to speak, to do what I can to encourage public health and safety. I shudder to think of families and little children in the dark, afraid, without food and water. I pray for all to be safe and we would not have one loss of life, injury or negative impact. However, I also know reality.

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