Biloxi – storm magnet or leisure spot?

Biloxi Beach

Biloxi, Mississippi is a favorite spot for people to relax along the Gulf Coast.  The beautiful beaches and southern charm enhance the blend of the sun and surf.

Biloxi sign

Just like life though, beauty, peace and pleasure are sometimes interrupted by periods of adversity and storms.  Similarly, Biloxi was impacted by Hurricane Gordon this week.  According to The Weather Channel, Gordon made landfall just below hurricane strength late Tuesday near the Alabama and Mississippi border, about 30 miles east of Biloxi.

Biloxi Beach with sailboat

Biloxi Beach lot
Some of the Gulf Coast landscape at Biloxi was changed from the affects of previous hurricanes.  Some homes were destroyed as well as foliage but the area remains picturesque.  

I’m sure those who live along the coast, or those visiting, are thankful the hurricane this week was not like the ones they’ve experienced in the past – such as Hurricane Katrina.

Regardless, every storm is unique in itself, disrupting the peaceful life – creating stress and havoc in the paths.  Once again though, people pick up the pieces and press forward – rebuilding as necessary and return to enjoying the leisure we all hold dear.

Biloxi Beach road

Biloxi Beach-2

Biloxi Beach with sailboat-2It reminds me that no matter the storms of life – the blue, clear skies remain above the clouds.  Let’s appreciate the beauty around us today.  God made it for us.

Biloxi Beach LighthouseBiloxi Lighthouse-3

Biloxi is an excellent place to enjoy leisure, overshadowing the infrequent threat of storms.  Enjoy life!

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25 thoughts on “Biloxi – storm magnet or leisure spot?

  1. As they say, beauty has a price, while working in middle-east I would be busy preparing for desert-storms, but now in Connecticut, I am mostly gearing for snow-storms. While on weekends its my husband who causes the most havoc and leaves trail of destruction whether in kitchen or bathroom like a hurricane. I have always considered my marriage the biggest storm in my life yet and I am sure my husband feels the same if not worse. 🙂

    1. I agree. Beauty does have a price; often pleasure as well. I’ve seen a dust storm in the middle-east and that fine dust is truly everywhere. I guess each location and phase of life has its share of storms. It’s difficult to recover during the storm but we pick up the pieces afterward and move forward. 😉

      1. I agree, pick up the pieces and move forward 🙂 You know the dust storms would also bring with them strange bugs. Initially i would be left wondering looking at small mites, later I realized may be it is the storm.

    1. Thanks so much. It is interesting that as I start writing and editing photos various thoughts come to mind. I like to remind myself at times about the blue skies above the clouds. 🙂

  2. As a Katrina person alI can say is follow the Boy Scout motto and be prepared. Hurricane season lasts from June 1 until the end on November. We are in the heart of it right now. NOAA says three storms are forming in the Atlantic as I write. Oh well. We chose to live here.

    1. True Ray. For the most part we stay prepared in Florida. I was helping in the EOC in Baton Rouge after Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi. The destruction is real and so many people suffered. It was a somber moment as I went with a response crew near the marshes south of New Orleans and called out to determine if anyone was stranded. There was silence, no breeze, no animals no birds – nothing moving – like life itself just stood still. I saw the devastation in Biloxi and west toward Louisiana. My heart went out to all the people who felt helpless and hopeless. That’s also when you see the good in people helping others.

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