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Bryan is an east-central Texas town.  It is located 99 miles (159 km) northwest of Houston. Settled in the 1820s and formally founded in 1855, it was named for William Joel Bryan, who inherited the land for the town site from his uncle, Stephen F. Austin (a founder of Texas).

Since Bryan’s founding, many Texas railroad stops became nothing more than ghost towns. However, it seems the optimistic spirit and determination that built Bryan in its early years continues today, keeping Bryan as an active area of growth and importance.

There are a couple of items of interest from our casual ride through the town.

Bryan Texas clock

Bryan Texas Queen Theater-2

The Queen Theatre was originally built in the late 1800’s as a hotel in the heart of Downtown Bryan. The hotel began showing silent films on the ground level in the early 1900’s. The name “Queen Theatre” was officially given to the building in 1914.  In 1939 the hotel was converted into a fully operational movie theatre.

Bryan Texas Queen Theater-1

Bryan is just north of College Station where the Texas A&M University is located.  Texas A&M has a photo and information about their century tree, located on the campus.

The university mentions the tree has a special place in the heart of many Aggies.  “Well over 100 years old, the tree was one of the first trees planted on Texas A&M’s massive 5,200-acre campus. The beautiful live oak has been the site of countless Aggie marriage proposals, weddings, and tourist snapshots because of its immense size and its unique drooping branches, many of which rest on the ground. Tradition says that if a couple walks together underneath the Century Tree, they will eventually marry — and if a marriage proposal takes place under the tree, the marriage will last forever.”

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8 thoughts on “Bryan

  1. Tengo un hermano que vive en San Antonio y siempre me invita a visitarlo. Cuando vaya a Texas, iré a dar una vuelta por Bryan.

    Muy interesante tu post y las fotografías hermosas. Saludos, Ron.

    1. Eso suena genial, Evelyn. Planeo regresar a San Antonio también. Han sido algunos años. Al igual que Bryan, hay muchas ciudades pequeñas con algo único en cada una de ellas, una especie de reflejo de la cultura de cada comunidad. Muchas gracias. 😊

  2. I had a good friend (since passed away) who graduated tom A&M – we carpooled for years, and I heard lots of stories from that area. Good to see the theater has been revived.

    1. Thanks Dan. You can see the college influence from the area but it isn’t overbearing. Bryan is another of the quaint towns worth slowing down and enjoying life. I’m glad to see the theater was revived as well.

    1. That’s neat. Glad to highlight it. I didn’t realize at first the Texas A&M was actually located in College Station. I saw the signs and college influence while approaching the area. 🙂

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