How do you – BBQ?

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For my friends around the world, do you know about BBQ? Or barbecue?  It seems like a favorite cuisine in the U.S.  One can find practically every style in big cities as well as small towns.

Well, like I mentioned in my last post there is a place in Taylor, Texas that I would like for you to become acquainted.  Louie Mueller Barbeque.

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There seems to be some healthy competition about which state has the best barbeque.  I must admit Texas is not only a big state but is big in BBQ taste as well.  I apologize to my vegan friends but I want to highlight this significant eating way of life, as well as Taylor.

Louie Mueller BBQ dining area from outside.jpg

While traveling through Taylor and noticing some of the older and inactive buildings, just around the corner we noticed an older, vibrant place – Louie Mueller Barbeque.

Locals sure know about it.  Just look how the business is thriving and the new life breathed into the older facility.

BBQ Louie Mueller -, Taylor TX.jpg

Going inside was enlightening.  Who would have thought?

The service was excellent and the people were friendly.  The meal was outstanding.  I can understand why the locals enjoy this wonderful place of food and fellowship.

Louie Mueller BBQ inside dining near counter.jpg

We never knew this was a restaurant featured on the Food Network until we examined the memorabilia on the walls.  We had often wondered about visiting places where Guy Fieri had reported on in the Food Network series.

Now, here we are and didn’t plan it – right here in Taylor, Texas.

Louie Mueller BBQ wall - Diners, Dives and Drives.jpg

Here is the link to the Louie Mueller BBQ restaurant.

Louie Mueller BBQ inside dining with antiques.jpg

So, when we travel let’s take time to check out the local areas.  We have certain pre-conceived mindsets about a town or business but we never know until we step inside and learn more.

That’s what I’m talking about!  Let’s appreciate the past and the old – and do what we can to bring new life within and without.






20 thoughts on “How do you – BBQ?

    1. Glad to know Winnie. I suppose it is popular around the world – just different ways to prepare it. It would be interesting to see how an international cooking festival would go. 🙂

      1. I imagine. Of course, we’ve been having our share of rain in Florida as well. The sun does bake us in between though. 🙂

  1. I used to be a sort of a vegan, but since I’ve moved to U.S.A, I’ just relish good barbeque. I’ve not been to Texas but I do have a Texas Steakhouse near by….:)_ Not to mention I am twenty pounds heavier!!

    1. I know what you mean. There are so many ways to make barbeque. Texas Steakhouse is good. I haven’t tried their BBQ ribs though. I try to not eat barbeque on a regular basis but it’s hard to refrain, depending on where I go. I do attempt to balance my diet with vegetables and fruits as well, including smoothies. Sometimes I don’t want to go to a restaurant and prefer making a nice, refreshing smoothie. It only holds me about two hours though and I’m hungry again. 🙂

      1. Yes it’s the voices that I hear in mind, i am 🍔 eat me, I am ribs come and get me, 🍟 I am there for you and if nothing poor old donut 🍩 is always there….

  2. Just bought a bbq grill for my farmhouse. Looking forward to wonderful picnics and BBQ lunches and dinners. We were in San Antonio, Texas for about 5 years some 10 years ago… Your post bought back memories of Texas.

    1. That’s great. I can smell the aroma now. I think Texas must have the best, although some places in Florida are great, along with Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina. 😁

    1. I agree. Kind of like the hidden gems of food. I figure if I see where the locals eat and the parking lot is at least half full then it has to be good. Thanks Dan.

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